Christmas Brunch


The Culinaria France describes these buckwheat crepes, a mixture of buckwheat, water, egg, salt and lard, as one of mankind’s oldest foodstuffs. Fitting, in what is an ancient season of celebration. Buckwheat has a history of being used by French peasants unable to afford the taxes placed on wheat flour. So a humble dish for what should be a simpler day, enjoyed with my mother, and Toni and her parents. The galettes* were filled with local cheddar, ham from the bone, mushrooms, and salmon, fennel, and ricotta for flash. A few sausages and bacon, roasted tomatoes and spinach and speck oeufs en cocotte.

Hmmmm two White Stripes Under Blackpool Lights DVDs.

Peace and goodwill to all. Enjoy yours.



  1. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    The crepes look amazing! Happy holidays to you and your family!

  2. Wyatt Junker’s avatar

    And to think, all this time I just thought it was a bad Eddie Murphy skit.

  3. tokyo goat’s avatar

    have a good one mate.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    I don’t recall any mention of hot tubs.

    Bests all.

  5. teddles_russ’s avatar

    Merry Pagan Festival!

    I had the experience of having two distinctly different Christmas repasts, with my family a mix of traditional Austrian/European and good ole Aussie prawns and mussels washed down with wine and beer, followed by a Turkish/Aussie blend, of pasdamar sausage snacks, dolmades, and seafood salad and more wine and beer.

    (Trish’s ex is Turkish, their kids also live in two worlds and I am lucky enough to share in theirs as well. The fact that all three worlds conspired to make me drink way too much good wine and beer is probably a blessing as well, although I’ve yet to find the upside to the headache today… %)

  6. Anonymous’s avatar

    Hope you both had a great Christmas! Friggin cold here but having lots of fun. Off to Hayama to see the lads this week. Miles is cooking up some cuzzas and Neil is giving NOVA plenty of cuzza from all accounts. hm

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    I do like the syncretic pagany bits and it looks like you had a great one, glad to hear.

    Give the old bachelors of Hayama both my best regards and a premature akemashita omedettou gozaimaus to you all over there.

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