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A quick one. I’ve much catching up to do as I get revved out of holidays and this includes reports from my camping expedition down south. Those imagining it as just me, a knife, and a chicken will be sorely disappointed. I was here at the Lime Cafe in Denmark four days out of four. Their potato cake, bacon, avocado, and hollandaise breakfast was simply the best. Better than all the rest. Smooth potato but still in distinguishable parts, a little greasy with crispy edges that contrasted with the soft and cool mashed down avocado and the ever so slight creamy sourness of the hollandaise spread over crisp bacon.

More soon promise ( and there were eggs, on toast!)

!Avocado Update!

Milkshakes! now Jeanne at Cook sister! informs us that The avocado gets its name from the Latin American Nahuatl ahuacatl meaning “testicle” and more and then gives us a recipe for Warm avocado and biltong soup. What a champ.


  1. Avatar’s avatar

    Yum. That looks really damn good. Avocado makes everything taste better.

  2. craftapalooza’s avatar

    Ruined that that mental image I had of open camp fires, becoming one with nature, not showering for days…Although it would have been disappointing if you HADN’T found something like this :)

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    It’s creamy textural goodness. I’m off to find a cold avocado soup recipe I’ve got somewhere.
    We’ll it was kind of like that. Wilderness camping close to town. A nice compromise. Dig a four feet hole for the toilet and then head into town for a macchiato. Wild yet civillised, that’s me that is.

  4. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    That looks so good! I like the creamy flavor of avocado and it sounds even better with bacon and hollandaise. One of my favorite ways to have avocado is in a milkshake, which they serve at a Vietnamese restaurant that I go to.

  5. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    BTW…when do we post the EoMEoTE?

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Reid. I don’t think your avacado milkshake will be bringing all the boys to the yard but it’s an interesting idea. Can I suggest vanilla. : )

    Ahah yes eomeote can be posted gotta put mine up too so lets aim for the end of the week, busy busy time, know it’s slow but it was designed as the slothful food bloggers event.

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    Is the Vietnamese avocado milkshake like the Indonesian one? Blended up with ice and sugar syrup (probably not with milk, though I’m not sure), then with chocolate syrup drizzled through. Apparently it was invented by avocado marketers because people couldn’t think of anything to do with avocados – not fitting into any obvious niche as a foodstuff.

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    Ahh those crazy coke fuelled pony tailed marketing people. To have been a fly on the wall then. Cheers for the factoid Anthony

  9. Anonymous’s avatar

    Hmmm, yes, trust Spiceblog to read my whole edifying avocado thesis and have only the word *testicle* leap out!! You’re such a man! (and I mean that in the best possible way…) Maybe we could do a monthly avocado food blogger’s event – how about “Aren’t Those Testicles Tasty Tuesdays – adventures with avocados”. The mind boggles, but it just might work as the balancing yang to EoMEoTE’s yin…

    Jeanne (in case you hadn’t guessed!!)

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    Great leaping testicles Batman!

    Yes well I was fascinated by the dilemma of whether testes or avocadoes had changed shape over time and I’m a dictionary falls open at certain pages kind of guy. Very juvenile I know but have some pity. Pieman had a couple of gorgeous food photos but then went on to mention Sun Page3 girls and then my brain shut down on all functions except for the limbic system for three hours and I was unable to comment.
    Man goes to the doctor to have his prostate checked and the doctor say “deep breath” and the patient laughs and asks if that was the prostate and the doctor says no that was just a…. now where was I yes it is indeed a fine balance of the masculine and feminine there but “Testicles Tasty” the mind doesn’t boggle, it googles.

    And yes I knew it was you all along so ha!

  11. Reid’s avatar


    No, I don’t think the Vietnamese version is like the Indonesian version at all. The shake is very creamy and very sweet. I think it may be made with avocado, milk (or sweetened condensed milk) and lots of sugar. No chocolate to be seen anywhere.

  12. Anonymous’s avatar

    O you bastard.

    Now I am drooling so fast my saliva ducts are hurting.

    – david t.

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