Galette des Rois

Ahm it’s Galette des Rois today and I’ve just had a few whites and a couple of beers and apparently it took the the three wise kings 12 days to find the baby Jesus so they eat a cake made of puff pastry with a tiny wine taster* in it and then the youngest person hides under the table and the cake is cut but under a tea towel and then the youngest person has to choose the piece for each person but it’s rigged because only French people win and I didn’t get to be King for the day. So anyway I think they’re making this up, are there any French people out there that can confirm this?

*Oh apparently it changes all the time. Bus Driver! Ambulance Man!


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    I’ve partied on at several Epiphany bunfights in France, and yeah this King’s Cake bizzo is for real – not just pulling yer leg as the Frogs will do with few drinks in them (as we all do with visitors actually).

    Though in Burgundy, they do weird things with beans as well as part of the whole folderol – and when you corner them for an explaination, it’s always “an ancient local tradition.” Then they start laughing again.

    M. Nabakov

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    You’re pretty much on the money there Anthony. Noodlegirl is frog and we’ll have to suffer this nonsense at the weekend. In fact, she just this very minute reminded me of the importance of today. Needless to say I was absolutely all ears…. yawn….


  3. Anthony’s avatar

    Thanks Gentlemen.

    I really didn’t mind, I mean at least it involved food rather than other festive obligations like hooded flagellation, running up to mountain temple in the middle of winter in a loin cloth, or watching fireworks to Phil Collins and Gangajang and then having a stubbie of VB chucked at you.

    Pancake day next to fortify for Lent I’m told.

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