Anticipatory Restaurant Review – Jacques Subiaco


Off to Jacques in Subiaco and predict it will be rather good. Toni (a.k.a. spicewidow) has a birthday today. 35. Still gorgeous after 14 years. I suspect she may be Dorian Gray to my picture in the attic. Surfer girl now too. Tsk.

Note: picture has nothing to do with topic at hand but is rather nice don’t you think? Oh yes and there is actually no apostrophe in Jacques. What a good idea.


  1. Anonymous’s avatar

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONI! Have a fab, fab meal (and your medal for bravery in respect of 14 years as Spicewidow is in the post… ;-))

    Btw, great pic Anthony, but sadly lacking in both eggs and avocados…


  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Toni sends big thanks and I should point out that she hasn’t, technically speaking, been a spicewidow all this time. She did spend 4 months as mario64widow for example.

    Re:pic yes sadly taken over to circle and squares so no ovoids but if you look closely you’ll see what are nothing less than the crushed reproductive units of a plant in the centre.

  3. Santos’s avatar

    happy birthday toni! may you one day become a home-improvement widow with a giant jacuzzi to comfort you.

    love is a bob-omb battlefield

  4. Santos’s avatar

    ps-photo reminds me of lyrics to dusty’s “windmills of your mind”: like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel….

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    A cheers to you from Toni Santos. Something coming up soon which may be of interest to both of you bloggy music muses.

  6. Robert’s avatar

    Happy birthday, Toni! (“Still gorgeous“: Hear, hear!)

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    Greeting and compliment well received.

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