EoMEoTE #2 – roundup


Ah yes EoMEoTE#2 how a busy schedule has conspired against it, but happen it must. Last month’s efforts was created after the first cup of coffee after crawling out of a tent. Cooked on a BBQ with slices of ham splashed with tabasco sauce. The appearance is lacking but I can assure you that the taste was just the thing for a busy day of skindiving and drinking. The eggs were a little harder than I like but that’s the cost of cooking a large batch of eggs and leaving yourself last. We all bear our crosses. Mine is made of overly hardened protein.

Joining me in this most modest of culinary adventures is the acme of modesty himself, tokyo goat, and his his entry. The toast is the traditional Japanese white bread with the yolk ever do gently bulging at its skin surrounded by a white that resembles the jagged coastline of Izu Peninsula. A sprinkling of pepper completes it.

Welcome too to the self-deprecatingly monikered FoodNerd!, who tells us:

Fry egg. Slice cheddar, sharpest is best. Put dijon mustard on pumpernickel, put cheddar on, top with egg, close sandwich, grill in butter. So damn good, so much better than it even sounds. Especially when it’s all there is to eat because the fridge is, mysteriously and uncharacteristically, empty.

As delicious as this is terrifying.

And Reid promised but is…unwell and apologise for the fact. Good news is he’s feeling better now.

If I’ve missed any eggy efforts, let me know.


This is very cute. And it’s a green bananas post which leads to a lovely recollection by her.

stop-the-presses, hold-the-front-page etc: Cook sister! gets into the spirit of things by being late but great and presents her End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza . It’s an exceptional piece with sherried mushrooms that form a barricade around the yolk like the old wall of Vienna. Go look it’s good. Jeanne will be hosting #3 next month, sometime.


  1. Anonymous’s avatar

    Woo hoo! EoMEoTE returns! Sorry I am sooooo late. My procrastination is beyond a yolk. But here is my entry – hope you can squeeze me in… Here’s the link:


  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Squeeze in the mother of EoMEoTE? Of course.

  3. Santos’s avatar

    [Jeanne will be hosting #3 next month, sometime]

    sometime…at the end of the month?

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Oh yeah you know around then.

  5. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Sorry for missing this round too. And I was so determined to get the egg on toast just right, but I guess it was not to be. If the next round up is before 04 February, I’ll be participating. After that, I’ll be on holiday for a month.

  6. Anonymous’s avatar

    Santos, Santos… we here at EoMEoTE are non-profit, non-judgemental and non-prescriptive. So although the “EoM” part of the title seems to suggest the end of the month, rest assured that this is absolutely, totally and permanently negotiable. All plans/dates are as fluid as the yolk of a soft-boiled egg. ;-)

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    You gotta act like a postman and deliver (not Kevin Costner postman mind, wouldn’t wish that on anybody but wasn’t he endearing in Tin Cup?). Actually, I’m pencilling you in as the Godot of the piece or the lovable tenant always dodging the landlord – next month Mr G [wink]. Hope you’re feeling better – get that juicer.

    You’re right. No patriarchal calender months here, it’s all lunar calender.
    Not-for-profit!? Jeebus I’ll never get out of this middle-middle class grind.

  8. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Thought about the juicer…then I remembered what you said…something about and apple and a hand…then I got worried about slicing and dicing my fingers.

    Maybe I should rethink that whole bit?

  9. Anthony’s avatar


    Since juice is a morning treat you don’t want to be messing around with knives so get a biig chute juicer so you can just chuck the whole apple in. Don’t forget to let go though ; )

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