A few general notices from the management


Thinking a revamp for the blog – same wine, different vessel. Protoheader that’s a bit kb heavy.

Inglewood Hotel – serves a good meal. The sweet potato gnocchi, with pork chicken and pear was an excellent exception to gnocchi’s usual place as a menu filler. Swan Draft on tap too. 803 Beaufort Street Inglewood

The Mumms goes back in the cellar but thanks to everyone who voted for me in the 2004 Food Blog awards. Those who didn’t, may your boil infested tongues be eaten by wild dogs. Seriously.

You can check out the winning best post and other fine works here at the Accidental Hedonist – Food Blog Award Wrapup.

Also there’s the Best West Australian Blog nomination in the 2005 Australian Blog Awards, But you’re all going to vote for rival nominee Robert Corr – Kick & Scream. Lot’s of the WA blogs do great stuff and I could beat Rob like so many eggs in a cook off but for consistent and varied classy excellence, we tremble in his shadow. Very blog community minded to boot.

Tasmania Off there next week. Will be taking Boris the Laptop so might sneak a post in.

LOOK! Been looking for an excuse to let you know about this project by Santos. Should have done it sooner but ah well tsk tsk.

Ladies and Gentlemen – 1000 recipes. She still needs people! Go! Go!

Must do lamingtons recipe.

Dinner toight will be White Rock Veal Chops with a port wine sauce, sweet potato and baby zucchini. Back to check stock – will add if I can think of anything else.

Ah here we go. Dessert ended up being roasted pear and fig with the butter and sugar roasting sauce mixed in with King Island Double Cream at the end. Must tell you about the ’98 Goundrey’s Reserve Selection Cab Sav one day. And a large hello to Stuart of Putney, London, England from Sal.




  1. Santos’s avatar

    [ She still needs people! ] + it’s a cookbook! = a particularly gruesome episode of the twilight zone: “to serve man”


    still, i would be so humbled if you’re willing to risk being consumed

    thanks for the mention!

  2. craftapalooza’s avatar

    New header and design, noice. Thanks for heads-up on 1000. What a great idea!

  3. Anonymous’s avatar

    Antony – you really must go meet this guy in Taz.


    I interviewed him a while back, he runs Tasmanian Giant lobster tours. The things are protected now, but when he told me in days of yore, when you could eat the things, they were ‘the best’.


  4. pixelkitty’s avatar

    Mmmm yummy yet again.

    When are you getting back from the island? I’m in Perth from tomorrow.

    Drop me an email at nbuxton at gmail dot com


  5. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    That protoheader looks kinda cool. Think you should go for the redesign. I like to freshen things up every now and then…gets the creative juices flowing.

    Have fun in Tasmania, I’ll be heading off for Singapore in a couple of weeks, and I’m trying to put together a trip to Australia in late October. I’ll probably be in Sydney or Melbourne though.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    How about me being consumed with guilt at not posting it earlier. You will be pleased to know that all ink in my part will contain a drop of my blood.
    I had imagined, when writing you needed people, of a room full of ink stained wretches toiling behind desks under the stern gaze of your blog mascot. 1000 Monkeys?

    Get in there and do it. You’d do a stellar job I’m sure.

    Lobster Man? You mean like this? It’s a great tip. It’s all a bit of a magical mystery tour as I’m off with my Dad to check out his block in Dover there. It may be a food filled fun tour or I may be digging foundations.

    Next week. Will do.

    Sydney! Melbourne! Singapore! I’m gutted. It’s like a 3000km cordon sanitaire. Madagascar?

  7. Lord Sedgwick’s avatar

    “Thinking a revamp for the blog”. OK, while you’re at it an update of your repetoire might be in order. Look no further than these.

    We’ve already booked a table and MICA unit for 4.

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    The horror! There is horrible and then there is “Egg Slices in Turkey Aspic”.

  9. Lord Sedgwick’s avatar

    OK, they were gross (or is that ‘gras’), so here’s a fine recipe from Punch 1892.(via Project Gutenberg)

    “The only modern culinary manual which (with one exception) is worth anything is by Mrs. DE SALIS, whose name has a happy affinity to that of The Only Trustworthy Authority as a Cookery-Bookerist, and whose immortal contributions to mageiristic lore are appearing weekly in Sal—— (Here the M.S. is firmly scored out by the Editorial blue pencil; but, faintly legible, is, “circulation, 2,599,862-3/8.”) From this “Golden Treasury” of gormandising I have been permitted to cull a few recipes. Here are two or three for scholastic bed-room suppers. The first will be invaluable in Seminaries for Young Ladies:—”“Saucissons en Petite Toilette.—Purchase your sausages on the sly, and keep them carefully in your glove-box, or your handkerchief case till wanted. Prick them all over with a hair-pin before cooking. Sprinkle them lightly with violet powder, and fry in cold cream (bear’s grease will do as well) on the back of your handglass over the bed-room candle. If the glass gets broken, say it was the housemaid, or the cat did it. Turn with the curling-tongs. When done to a rich golden brown, put your sausages on a neatly folded copy of S—— (Editorial blue pencil again), and serve hot. Thin bread and butter, plum-cake or shortbread may accompany this appetising dish, and a partially ripe apple munched between each sausage will certainly give it a zest; but it would perhaps be as well not to eat too many chocolate creams afterwards.”MORE (Scroll to half way down the page.)

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    Oooh Punch on Gutenberg. Something for t’ Pod.

    Speaking of Victoriana, very much enjoyed last year’s Around the World in 80 Days on DVD last night. In jokes, out jokes, sideway jokes, pratfalls, pathos, bathos, Steve Coogan and Jackie Chan (and there is no movie that isn’t made better without a martial arts scene).

  11. chika’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Madagascar! I’m jealous!! Always wanted to go there but never made it yet. Heard they’ve got great wines, am really looking forward to hearing your stories from the island. Have a great trip!

  12. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Chika

    Noo Nooo I’m off to Tasmania (actually I’d better go check). They do make great wine’s there in the North part. Where we’re going has salmon, abalone, and scallops! Will post and pick.

  13. chika’s avatar

    Hi Anthony

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I wonder why I wrote “Madagascar”. I did know you were off to Tasmania and I was meaning Tasmania when I said I wanted to go there and about wines. I do want to go Madagascar, too, though.

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