If Pubs had continued in a straight line from Inns as places where you could eat and drink rather than drink and then grab a souvlaki, then we may have ended up with something resembling Japanese izakaya. Working on the simple principle that many small dishes are better than several big dishes and that people enjoy drinking frosty cold beer out of large mugs before trying a couple of tokkuri of sake, they have created a dining experience without equal.

Now I’m getting all rheumy-eyed with nostalgia so you’d best go and read Chika of she who eats excellent capture of it all with a typical place to eat atypical Japanese food.

Traditionalists wishing to recreate the experience at home could start with a couple of neck-ties, chopsticks, and some recipes.



  1. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Where did that plate of sashimi come from? Looks wonderfully fresh. I don’t eat sashimi regularly because by the time I get to the fish market, the good pieces of fish are all gone. Hope you enjoyed it.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Reid

    It’s sadly one from the archives from my old local izakaya in Meguro, Jyu. The sashimi was always excellent there and their sashimi menu changed regularly, as did their specials. They did classical Japanese food extremely well. This was around a core of ever so slightly updated classic Japanese dishes such as fresh cold tofu, deep fried lotus root with chicken, miso wtih eggplant, tuna steak with pesto and … I’ll have to stop there.

  3. chika’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Hey, these guys are my former coworkers!


    O I’m going to be sobbing and weeping and missing these stuff once I’m back in Hawaii later this week. For now I’ve been stuffing myself up with as much great food as I can that this country has to offer.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Chika

    I think they are everybody’s ippanteki coworkers. Three in every company.

    I’m personally glad you’re leaving so I can stop being jealous. But I mean you are going back to Hawaii, how bad can that be? Enjoy your last moments yeah. : )

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