Dover Tasmania, Day 1


Dover. I’m in Dover. Dover’s a small inlet town at the end of the Esperance River in Tasmania, the southernmost tenth of the southernmost island of Australia. Red-eye no sleep flight foro Perth and then to Hobart International Airport before picking up the hire car and going south.

This is great, everywhere has a view of the hills and the water as especially does Uncle Phil’s place with an island at the end of the block. Haven’t seen Uncle Phil in over a decade and he’s mad and busy as ever, late fiftysomething, working as a welder in the middle of a bay, riding a trials bike, and the yacht he’s building himself. Didn’t pick up immaculate workshed genes but did get mid-sentence laughter. In time for the end of the half day shearing season here. One of them’s a butcher’s knife away from dispatch to the great beyond and I think we’ll be having some lamb before heading back. Not that there’s any need. This is seafood country, they don’t even bother with mussels.

End of the shearing is a visit to the pub. Boags/Cascade. Pick Boags and get laughed at. Cascade it is then. Chat with local who promises to bring crays around later and does and they’re the size of a loaf of bread. Wood fired pizza for dinner and it is excellent. Crusty on the bottom with large juicy prawns. I’m here 6 hours and I love this place. The sun sets and fills in parts of the undulating hills at random. Uncle Phil says you’ll never see this again, he’s right.

clickgoesthe doverpub

woodfired woodfiredseafoodpizza



  1. Jeanne’s avatar

    OK, it’s official, I’m jealous. The crayfish, the yummy-looking pizza, the EMPTINESS… Keep up the in situ blog posts – I like to be jealous as events happen rather than after the fact ;-)

  2. Anonymous’s avatar

    Looks beautiful Devo. Could have done with a Boags or a Cascade for that matter yestreday after a day of painting! Have a great trip.


  3. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    On vacation again? Or is it for work? In any case, I’ve heard about how beautiful Tasmania is. Never been. Is it quite far from Perth? The pizza looks good…can’t wait to see more pictures.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey All

    It’s good good good. J. – posts will be daily. H. you take care in the heat. R. – holiday, Dad’s stumping up for me if I take some pics of a black he wants to eventually subdivide down here. I can safely say – I’m a luck bastard.

  5. Anonymous’s avatar

    unmTugboat said…… Phillypops is at it again and there ain’t one goddamned sheep left safe and alive in DOVER..

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Ha! Mick and Phil, there be danger. Make sure they keep out of trouble.

    I jusr realised I said “a black he want’s to subdivide” Hmm

  7. Anonymous’s avatar

    hoolie doolie,
    therebe a varmant about the valleys and dales, not to mention the foreshore…

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