Dover Tasmania, Day 2


Starting off with cherry’s in Dover. $4.00 a kilogram and juicy. After some time scouring the politics blogs, I was pleased to find actual cherry picking in action a lovely thing.

cocklecreek cocklecreekhouse

Down to Cockle Creek today. Southernmost town in Australia. John Laws’ Maison d’ Comment just down the road it’s said. Winding roads down there, flanked by trees (those not delicately clearfelled) and and fern. Local woman’s teddy bear block faintly disturbing. Planned music therapy centre yet to be be built.


Up up up to Geeveston where I we had a camembert and chicken pie followed by an award winning local hazlenut ice cream. Charming inland town provides mid afternoon top treat.

geevesckncamembertpie geeveshazlenuticecream

Back home for dinner. Cooked crays to be had but what to do? Strong pressure from the father for simple, and a good thing too. One of the crays was for dipping with two sauces. Olive oil and vinegar and pepper was one. The other was a resourceful Sauce Phillippe on rough guidlines; garlic, butter, cream, white wine, and tabasco – reduced over heat.

Mains was as simple as I could make it. Fettucine with garlic and red chilli sauteed in EVOO, then some chopped lemon peel and the white wine and lemon juice. Cray meat heated through and then mixed through with the fettucine. Enjoyed very much with a bottle Wave Crest Chardonnay. I’m not going to win any friends in Dongara by saying they’re bigger and sweeter down here.

crayfishwithdip crayfishfettucine

Ahh that’s the door local contact arrives, three whole salmon. Two go for smoking, one comes back (that’s the deal) and one is for dinner tomorrow night. This is good.



  1. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Glad to see you’re having a blast! Cherries sound nice right about now. I don’t think we’ll be getting any for a while since they normally come from the Pacific Northwest (I think). Crayfish look nice and plump and the pasta sounds wonderful. The closest thing that I’d probably get to that are frozen langoustines. *sigh*

  2. Jeanne’s avatar

    The first time I went with my then-boyfriend Nick down to Cape Town, we were invited to dinner at friends of my sister’s. They often take their rubber duck out at De Kelders (on the coast, an hour or two’s drive from Cape Town) and catch crayfish up to the limit that their licenses allow, then bring them back and freeze whatever they can’t eat immediately. At the end of the crayfish season they have a big crayfish party and empty the freezer of crayfish – so all Nick rememebers is this room full of strangers where the crayfish outnumbered the people by 4-1, and eating crayfish till we were totally stuffed. It was heaven on earth.

    That’s what these pics remind me of. You’re a lucky man indeed.

  3. Santos’s avatar

    anthony, i sense a tension in having to restrain yourself on many levels but all for the best, i reckon.

    jeanne, i can only see an “eat or be eaten” scenario with the 4: 1 crawfish v humans in a closed in room story….

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Hoody Doody Roodies (that’s Tasmanian, actually it’s not but it should be).

    Yeah the crays were good but the meme around here is “ooh wouldn’t eat one of those west australian crays” and it’s starting to get on my wick. Salmon tonight and I’m whipping up a chowder. Scallops out of season and only frozen ones : ( Oysters are on hold while the algae clears in the bay. M-16 with a kill ratio of 18:1 is effective in any land war against red China and being locked in a roomfull of crayfish. Lock and load GIs.

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