Dover Tasmania, Day 4


Mildly out of action with hayfever/cold so here’s a couple of pics from Kyari Cafe in Geeveston. Lovely little place and the salmon and mango salad – well, yes.


Oh and here’s a pic from Dover.



  1. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Sorry you’re feeling a bit under the weather. It’s summer there now right? BTW…That’s a huge salad and it looks good. Who’s house is that in the bottom pic?

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Reid

    Yes it’s summer, but very mild down here. Don’t know whose house it is but kept the engine running. Can’t tell what they do to nosey strangers ’round here. ; )

  3. Jeanne’s avatar

    House looks fab – you should have put in an offer. I’m sure you’d eventually stop being known as THe Nosey Stranger, fit into the community, learn to play the banjo, etc etc.

  4. Anonymous’s avatar

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  6. Anthony’s avatar

    The place is full of great little places like that. Couldn’t put an offer in as the town is getting suspicious of a bulgarian takeover with my Dad and Uncle already having places there. Slowly Slowy Catchy Monkey. Pub is for sale apparently. Don’t have a spare mill do you?

    Only a couple of similarities with banjo country, hills and the widespread ownership of 1.5 cars, but the locals are pretty cool and friendly. Not an “ain’t from round here are ya?” to be heard and coming from a town of less than 20 myself, this is hollywood.

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