Dover Tasmania, Day 5 – Roquefort Files


Into the undersprung oversteering Mitsubishi Lancer rental and upwards out of Dover. Winding inland past orchards along the Huon river which opens out into a long channel that feeds into the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, defined by cattle filled Bruny Island. Turn down at the apex made by Huonville with Mt Misery flanking the left. Stop in at Panorama Vineyard. Disappointed with the whites and the pinot but found the merlot suitably smooth and full bodied. Along the Huon River, mandatory stop at Eggs and Bacon Bay and then around Port Cygnet, past Mt. Grosse and then stopping for cheese. Firstly, Grandvewe is a terrible pun, beneath even me but their cheeses are excellent. All good, the manchego interpretation, the sheeps cheese pecorino, pungent brie, and creamy roquefort. Dried mutton sausages were an inspiration.

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Lunch called. Stopped at the flash and new Peppermint Bay resort but crowded so settled for the Kettering Oyster Bay Inn. View. Steak sandwich not up to Quairading Roadhouse standards but flathead is a much underrated fish. Round and back picking up a couple of $3 bags of cheeries and forgoing the 50c bags of donkey poo.


Home to Dover to cook up some scallops and prawns. Scallops* cooked in Cascade Export Stout – not too bad at all.


*Update: For scallops in stout, marinate scallops in white wine for 15 minutes, fry up garlic and a small amount of chilli in EVOO, do two sauteed batches of scallops (just a handful or the temperature will drop too much) and then run out of white wine. Notice glass of stout in hand, add scallops to EVOO sizzle a little and then add a splash of stout and allow to reduce as scallops are just cooked.

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  1. Anonymous’s avatar

    Now THAT’s what I call a sarnie. Wot no LobsterMan? BTW – Have you been reading The (other) Roquefort Files?

    Rather good it is.


  2. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    That sandwich looks great. Looks/sounds like you’re having a great time! Cherries for $3 a bag? Unheard of here.

  3. Santos’s avatar

    oh, hah! i just got yet another cheese pun. my lactose intolerance is kicking in.

  4. pixelkitty’s avatar

    I am delighted that my nomination for you in Best Australian Weblog for the 2005 Bloggies worked!

    And I already voted for you too ;p

    Everyone, please go vote for Anthony.



  5. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Did you know that you got a nod in the 5th Annual Bloggies along with Noodlepie? Good luck. You deserve it!

  6. Jeanne’s avatar

    Santos – you nominated him too??? Well, with the two of us and his blood relatives all nominating him, how could he not make the shortlist?? ;-) Way to go Anthony!!

    Anthony – your foodie stories are making me more and more homesick for warmer climes and real, honestly priced food. And your cheese puns should be enjoyed as after dinner anecdotes, over a glass of port. Salut! (hahahahahahaha)

  7. Santos’s avatar

    i cannot look at the word ‘tasmania’ without wanting to pronounce it like ‘tanzania’….
    jeanne, me? no, thank reid. i am the self-appointed sacheen littlefeather of the bloggies, on behalf of all native nations destroyed by award blogginess. any excuse to put my hair in braids.

  8. Jeanne’s avatar

    What?? You mean it isn’t pronounced “Tanzania”?? Next you’re going to tell me it’s not even in Africa…

  9. Santos’s avatar

    did i say reid? i meant natalie :-) stout scallops? good enough for a recipe post?

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    PM – nah never made it. Sarnie was OK – steak and egg could have been rarer and the bacon less rindier but it was sunny and the beers were cold. No and thanks, you are now classified as reliable provider of good links.
    R- cherries, yeah yum. nor here as cheaply they were $35 a kilo in Perth last month. Cherry glut!
    S- Yes I know know but with the Larousse Gastronomique acknowledging 300 varieties of cheeses in France alone, it’s rich pickings.
    NB, J, R, S, Whey hey! Haven’t had the chance to get on the site yet but horrible suspicion my rivals might be good but lets hope not hey. Once again thank you all for your support and tolerance.

  11. Robert’s avatar

    I nominated you.

    There is an electoral college-style intermediate stage, though, to come up with shortlists (I got to take part in that last year) which means you’ve already made one massive cut. From memory we had to go through about fifty sites and narrow it down to the top five for each category. So you’re already a winner!

  12. Anthony’s avatar

    F#ck! I had no idea about the college system. I’d assumed everybody had assumed everybody else would vote for the good ones and I snuck in there by default. Thanks heaps, quality blogs like yours drag me onwards and upwards.

  13. Ryan Hartshorn’s avatar

    Hi there!

    Im the owner of “Grandvewe cheeses” and just discovered this article on us. Just thought id give you a few more sheep puns:

    sheep camembert = Camembaaa
    wine soaked pecorino = Ewephoria
    blue vein = Blue by ewe

    Thankyou very much for your kind words about our “sheepurb” cheese and hope to see you again sometime.


  14. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Ryan

    Thanks for calling in. I really did enjoy the cheese. I grew up on a sheep farm but only mutton and wool I’m afraid. If I dig out the emails for the movies woth cheese in their name pun contest, I’ll forward them. :) I’m sure I’ll be back to Tassie, it’s a beautiful place.

    All the best


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