End-of-Month-Egg-on-Toast-Extravaganza #3, French Toast with Bacon and Fried Bananas

EoMEoTE, favoured food event for the half assed, has moved from its humble mediterranean, olive oil rubbed home to be hosted in the centre of modern civilisation Cook sister!. I have great hopes for it. I dream that one day we may have a spaceship descend at the end and congratulate us on it and its efforts in promoting global peace.


1, 2 and 3. A french toast combo of bacon and bananas I nicked from gained inspirition of via the Walk Street Cafe in Subiaco.

Hooray for french toast and its use of old bread and eggs past their optimum poaching date (had I been so organised). Thick chunky slices triumph over slimmer eggy bread imitations and provide for delightful multi-variable pan temperature, slighty browned, medium rare interior calculations. Soaked for a good half hour in 3 free-range eggs, a cup of milk, and a dash of vanilla essence. The greater the proportion of milk, the longer the cooking time. Cooked with butter as were the slices of banana. The bacon was allowed with cook in the pan first and then relegated to the oven where it would crisp while the others were cooking. Pile toast, bacon, and bananas, with a brush of butter for photo glossiness, and garnish with maple syrup. Had with the fresh apple, beetroot, carrot, grapefruit and ginger juice seen pictured.

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  1. Zoe’s avatar

    … and followed with a nice little nap?

  2. Santos’s avatar

    “free-range” here means “eggs found in the driveway left by the stray chickens that wander through the neighbourhood”

    half hour? how stale was this bread?

  3. Santos’s avatar

    “favoured food event for the half assed”

    with entries like this, it will be for the one and a half assed fairly soon

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    followed by some unbridled sloth I think.

    No no I couldn’t get the stale bread organised earlier so I went for some fresh New Norcia sour dough and the soaking time is for extra soakiness due to the large chunks. Eggy goodness right through. And yes a bit of man of action action will be required shortly.

    Roam free the chickens of Guam!

  5. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    This is great. I was actually thinking of making french toast with pineapple preserves this morning until I saw your entry. I guess that’s what I get for being a day late and more than a dollar short! Ahhh, maybe next month.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Awwww come on Reid, we can be in the French Toast gang and hang out at the mall or fight crime or something.

  7. Jeanne’s avatar

    Eggy bread – yum. Sweet-and-savoury-contrast foods – double yum! I’m a great believer in maple syrup with bacon… And thanks for taking EoMEoTE back to its frugal roots (past-its-sell-by-date eggs and bread) – not only are you fighting for world peace, you are also saving the environment and alleviatign world poverty! Now how many other food blog events can say that?? ;-)

    Santos – “one and a half assed” hahahaha. I know what you mean though…

    Reid – be careful when he invites you to hang out in the mall and fight crime – next he will ask you to wear an superhero outfit to match his, and we’ve all seen his cerise spandex trousers… ;-)

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    Jeanne, you forgot about my work with the polio vaccine.

    Reid will be fine on that, we just have to work out whether I’m Bacon Man and he’s Pineapple Boy or he’s Pineapple Man and I’m Bacon Boy.

  9. Santos’s avatar

    >we can be in the French Toast gang and hang out at the mall or fight crime or something

    pineapple man and bacon boy, huh. did you ever see a comic called dishman? ordinary guy who collected and ate from red fiestaware gains super power from all the lead-based paint. he discovers he can wash dishes really, really fast, so he sews a superhero costume with a cup and saucer as a logo, goes out at night to see how he can fight crime, but instead, he gets laughed at and his ass kicked at every corner.

  10. Jeanne’s avatar

    Polio vaccine? I thought it was just the penicillin growing on that jar of jam circa 1996 lurking at the back of the fridge… I notice you aren’t proposing to be Banana Boy. Ahem. Probably for the best, given the spandex superhero costume. This is a family site after all ;-)

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    Nooooooh Santos – Bacon *Man* and Banana *Boy*. Not heard of Dishman and neither has Toni , which is a good thing or I’d be finding lead filings in my coffee. I think William H Macy’s The Shoveller is something I could handle.

    Jeanne – Had considered Banana Man but leery about Santos and her lawyers and am well aware of the character potential of Green Banana.

  12. Anthony’s avatar

    Damn blogger and its new page comments box. Very true on the penicillin, I’ve still got half a jar of that Grapefruit Marmalade I made back when Skippy was just a wee lad sitting in the fridge, unlookable.

  13. Santos’s avatar

    green bananas’ legal counsel aka normal desmond says make free with any banana boy or man reference as long as we have license to point and snigger and make snarky comments….oh dishman can also telekinetically put away the dry dishes. toni, i’ve got some red fiestaware i can sell to you cheeaap

  14. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony and all:

    How’s about beetroot boy? I like the sound of that better! =P

  15. Reid’s avatar

    BTW…I’m not tall enough to wear spandex and not cute enough for cerise. I could never pull it off.

  16. Jeanne’s avatar

    Reid – “I could never pull it off” – that’s because it’s Spandex and it’s spray-on tight!!

  17. Anthony’s avatar

    Reid, I mean Beetroot Man! You’ve seem to have dodged normal desmond’s caveat there but I’m not sure if there are any loose fitting neutral tone clothed superheroes out there. The key to superness though is to turn every characteristic into an asset. Not tall enough for spandex, fine, your lack of tallness will allow you to get into smaller spaces which will come in handy when we battle Cockney Geezer. Not cute enough, doesn’t matter, you’ll be masked. Can’t pull ’em off, as Jeanne said no worries, you’ll be grateful when suspended over a steaming hot vat of borscht.

  18. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Haha! Borscht, smorscht. Who ever heard! =P

  19. Anthony’s avatar

    Ha! That’s the spirit. Up and at’em.

  20. Larry’s avatar

    i like eggy chunks

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