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I was stitched up and roped into this by Nicole at Craftapalooza. Onetwothreefour…

1. Total amount of music files on your computer?

Whittled down to top 1500 .

2. CD you last bought?

Frank Black Francis

Pixies obsession spurred this is a bit of odd completism. Disk two of remixes is interesting in a pavlova with a sea urchin glaze kind of way. Or maybe a glazed urchin with a sea pavlova.

3. What is the song you last listened to before reading this message?

Can’t remember. Let’s just imagine it was the Scientist’s Nitro.

4. 5 songs you often listen to, or which mean a lot to you?

  • Hallelujah – John Cale

    Sublimating like it should. Nudges out Jerusalem

  • Blackfella/ White Fella – Warumpi Band

    “message” song but mucho fun and leaves me happy rather than wanting to run out and tip a car over before setting it on fire. And so much better than INXS’ dream on thingy,not to mention Ebony and Ivory and less said of MJ and PMcC the better. Similar fave Free Nelson Mandela by the Specials a tad redundant now, no?

  • Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

    Bypasses all rational thought.

    Pangadangpangdangdang[shifts weight onto balls of feet]

  • Bring the Noise – Public Enemy

    Don’t think any song has left me quite so mentally knackered after listening to it for the first time. BASS!

  • You Are Always On My Mind – Elvis [the 70s box-set live version]

    Had mea culpa to Priscilla all over it and a glimpse of the oxen sized heart beating beneath that would eventually finish him off. Hunka Hunka Cheeseburger mockers can bite me. No heresy in the Pet Shop Boys version at all though.

5. Who are you going to pass this on to and why?

Jeanne – because I suspect she’ll catch a couple of notable omissions.

Andrew – because he’ll fret about it, do a fantastic job, think it’s rubbish, but secretly enjoy it all.

Saint – passing on the getting to know you aspect of this to a most enigmatic of South Australians.

Non obligatory of course, I don’t think it’s one of these and the ship they then sailed on, The Titanic, type chainy letter thing.


  1. craftapalooza’s avatar

    Interesting….I saw Public Enemy years ago when they came to Perth, Ice-T came for the ride. Oh shit… didn’t I tell you that if you don’t pass it on a curse will be placed on your cooking ability and you’ll only churn out mediocre Coles cafeteria type food for the next ten years :p

  2. Anonymous’s avatar

    I was talked into seeing the Pixies at the Kentish Town and Country Club in London in ’88. I really never saw the attraction and I still didn’t after the gig and I still don’t now. As for THAT Nirvana track… Am I the only person on the planet who doesn’t like it. I do like the odd track by those guys, but ‘Smell’ always sounded so naff to me. Just an opinion like.


  3. Anthony’s avatar

    How was it? Did they have the S1W? I think they came twice but didn’t go for either being skint or a general rule of rap acts not being all that good live. Then again I liked the Beastie Boys when they came here but they were more in their we’re a real band phase. Will be intersting to see the at the BDO this Saturday.

    No worries, it’s just that you lack my hyper-sensitive loud/soft musical receptor rods. So sensitive, they are overwhelmed by melody and rhythm, the Beatles give me a headache, reggae just confuses me. The Pixies are the chocolate coated licorice bullets to SLTS’s ouzo. Anyway as punishment for having a differing opinion I will inflict one “you just have to really listen” on you.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Oh Nicole

    I did suspect something was up when I had this incredible urge to make crinkle cut chips and hamsteak with pineapple. Beware people, maybe it’ll be a small choc milk and green jelly with cream.

  5. craftapalooza’s avatar

    They were awesome live (well I thought so when I was a young and skittish early 20thing ish). Chuck D and Flavor Fav were great. Ice T SUCKED. No S1W with them. Also have seen De La Soul live and they were great too (this is over 10 years ago now). I also remember going to Coles cafeteria as a kid with my nanna, the one in the city where Target is now. A real TREAT :) Enjoy the BDO! You going to check out Little Birdy?

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Ahh bugger shouldn’t presume things. I’m imaging they would have rocked. PE and De la Soul, when did rap become I’m I hard bastard with a Bentley? : (

    As for the BDO, line-up is a bit patchy. The Beastie Boys were the hook and the Blues Explosion got me dragging out the credit card. I’ve seen them on a regular basis on the past 10 years so it’s kind of ritual. Their albums have waned but they have consistently rocked very hard thank you very much.

    Coles Cafeteria was the quintissential Nana treat, although I our trips to the city always involved a trip to the Forum Coffee House.

  7. Jeanne’s avatar

    Thanks, buddy boy – a musical chain letter! Trust me, you’re going to be horrified at a) the average age of my favourite music and b) the sheer commerciality of it all… But with my feet in the air and my head on the ground, I’ll try this trick and spin it, yeah… ;-)

    Good thing you exonerate the Pet Shop Boys of all wrongdoing – their version rocks.

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey don’t mention it matey.

    You’d be surprised how tolerant I am of other people’s music tastes when I don’t have to listen to them ; ) (actually that’s crap as those on the end of my “Johnny Cash/Iggy Pop now there’s an artist” comments will attest).

    Ahh the Pet Shop Boys, so wrong for me yet so right.

    Now where *is* my head…

  9. Jeanne’s avatar

    Erm, I do believe it was your mind we were talking about, not your head… ;-)

  10. s’s avatar

    Eek. That’s a challenge…..

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    I am embarrassed on *so* many levels : )

    And one swiftly taken up.

  12. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Not a bad selection of songs. I’m not too sure that I liked Frank Black’s solo stuff, but I did enjoy the first couple of Pixies albums. The first EP was actually my favorite of all.

    I have to agree with pieman on the Nirvana. If I had to pick a song from this CD, it would have probably been “Lithium”.

  13. Anthony’s avatar

    Mmm the Pixies were always more than the sum of their parts and I don’t actually have any of the CDs Frank Black put out. I’m a sucker for Doolittle like I am for Sonic Youth’s Goo.

    As for Nirvana, I’m afraid you and Pieman are unswervable melodists.

  14. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    John Cale’s is the best. kd lang has a pretty good version too. Rufus Whiny Jr can bite me. And poor old LC’s version of his own song comes last. And not for the first time.

  15. Anthony’s avatar

    Yeah LC’s got a bit of the Prince about him in terms of other people singing his songs (and having said that the only Prince cover song I can think of is by Age of Chance so I might have to review that opinion). The whole “I’m Your Fan” tribute album is pretty top notch and managed to avoid the inevitable ska version (nothing wrong with them minds). As for Jerusalem, I can’t believe Billy Bragg butchered it, but then again maybe it’s like ummmm John Howard performing as Sir Donald Bradman.

  16. Anonymous’s avatar

    “the 70s box-set”

    … ahhhhh


  17. Anthony’s avatar

    I’m looking across the room now looking at it and smiling.

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