Greg and the Giant Dhufish

gregandthegiantfish Because of his optimism, fishing with Greg has always been a pleasure. A few were always a feed, small fish always good eating, and an empty catch bucket always due to some resolvable variable. This makes this photo he took of his catch last week all the sweeter.

His dhufish is simply awesome. 20kg of Indian Ocean deliciousness caught in a runabout 11km of the South-west coast. It would be a pub talk contrariness to argue that this isn’t the best tasting fish out there.

There are still fillets. A bottle of white and a dab of butter should do it.



  1. pixelkitty’s avatar

    YUM! That fish looks like the perfect size for a nice charcoal put in the sand, covered in banana leaves.

    Dhufish is one of the top tasting fish in the world.

  2. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    I’ve never heard of that fish before. It looks so interesting and huge. What’s the flavor like?

  3. Manas’s avatar

    Yes, Dhufish is delicious. I remember as a young’n, my aunty and uncle visiting with Uncle Jack’s catch, and we ate it in small pieces, fried in beer batter. Yum.

    The best, though, by far, was the honey dhufish wing cooked at that place in Kalbarri (what’s it called again?) where they barbecue it right in front of you, next to the caravan park, and the chef, as it were, hurls abuse at customers as he fries away. I’ve never seen a side of fish so huge sitting on my plate. Gold.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    A nice plan, I would have gone for lacquering and placing it on the front on my car had it been me.
    White, flakes perfectly when cooked, not “fishy” but still not bland with a slight sweetness. They live lazy lives eating tasty crustaceans and sea creatures. A lesson to us all.
    The wings are great but can’t halpe you with the place. The last time I was in Kalbarri was with three other 16yo in a caravan and a lax bottle shop. Mini golf?

  5. daniel’s avatar

    My god, that fish is huuge!

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Mr Boud

    My arch rival : )

    The biggest one ever caught was 25.8kg so it’s much up there in the league of glory. To his credit he feels guilty about the whole thing but a) he’s eating and b) it’s had a good life.

    BTW, Read about the story for the SMH over at yours, gah! tomorrow, knot in stomach. Had to take my own photo, what a drama. If I’m in, not only will I look like a plonker, but it’s my own bloody fault.

  7. daniel’s avatar

    Ha! Seems like neither of our faces ended up in print :)

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    Ha indeed, There goes my modelling break. Last time I was in an Australian paper, I had a bag over head. I’m beginning to see a pattern here.

  9. Manas’s avatar

    It’s occurred to me that I could never hope to catch a fish that big unless I was strapped to the boat – it’s almost half my weight!!

    Also – Finlay’s is the name of the place in Kalbarri, I just remembered.

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