Bigger than Cheeses etc.

Hey I’m in The Age. [blush, cringe]


If you’ve come from there or the SMH or Stuff NZ, hello. Feel free to look around, the archives are down there on the right, perhaps October. What you should really do though, is have a good look at some of the other blogs listed here, they’re there because they’re good. Salut to fellow articlistas James and David and a heartfelt thanks to regular readers – the folks will be proud.

And from the mailbox… SMH Good Food guide is looking any recommendations of country restaurants and/or provedores with an emphasis on (and this is a very good thing) local produce in a non-“just passing through, my what an exceptionally well fried chiko roll” way. Pop your Country NSW tips/faves in comments for our commenty pleasure or you can mail James directly – jamesmayson[at]yahoo[dot]com.

ABC Radio! [runs out of shocked onomatopoeia] Looks like I’ll be on local (huzzah!) government radio station 720 ABC tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon at 2:45. Bikkuri!



  1. Anonymous’s avatar

    wow look at you and yourself…
    Just saw your action in The Age
    and Dan Boud too…
    I’m connected (albeit very tenuously)

    – Sean

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Ah shucks. James ( pretends he’s a woman and I pretend I’m a food writer.

    Connected to Dan? We’ll be racing our new Murcielagos to Ceduna this weekend. Care to join?

    Cheers for your food blogger collegiality, haiku recipes float my boat.

  3. Rick Barnes’s avatar

    Hye Dude, Great blog, thanks!

  4. Anonymous’s avatar

    Awww, just trying to bask in the glow of almost fame – I know the Boud, I link to you, you like haiku….almost makes me feel like a big man.


  5. s’s avatar

    Yay! National and international fame…turn up the heat and bask in it.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Welcome Dude, glad you could pop in.

    It’s a great virtuous circle of goodness

    Thanks mate. I’m all a bit unprepared for the attention. I feel like the Queen’s popped.

  7. Robert’s avatar

    Wow, cool. Sorry, Boud, but Georgeff’s got my vote. (He feeds me.)

    I’ll be listening tomorrow arvo.

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    Umm that should read “Queen pops in”, not wishing any Willy Wonka style pneumatic disasters upon her Majesty.

    Rob – yeah! I love radio but never been on it, has Corr Snr got any good tips?

    Thanks for the vote, just pencil in a date for dinner. For the rest of you, I need to see Bloggies screen shots.

  9. Robert’s avatar

    Dang. Was flat out on the campaign trail and missed it. Hope it went well.

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    Ahh no worries, it was a blink and you’d miss it thing. Spent most of the time explaining what a blog ,and then explaining what *my* blog was, and the explaining waht the bloggies were and it was over. Very bummed I didn’t get to mention any other blogs.

  11. Robert’s avatar

    Hope you get some new readers out of it. Hope you inspired some new bloggers, too.

  12. Anthony’s avatar

    I just hope the new readers get to see what else is out there. Blogging’s very much a community thing and and Perth has a great community and I didn’t get to get that across. On the bright side I did try to stress the accessible side of blogging and hope it spurs a few people give it a go. In the chat before I was “on” with Bernadette I think she brought yup “medium of expression” and that’s what it is and a very democratic one at that.

  13. Anthony’s avatar

    Another concern is that now my father-in-law is asking why he never got any lamingtons.

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