Friday Guest Beer & Review – John Steinbeck and Emu Bitter


Busy, gotta go look for this book which has gone missing here. John’s taking up the slack for me. John?

The sun is straight overhead. There isn’t enough shade to fit under a dog. The threshing machine clanks in a cloud of choking yellow chaff-dust… Then you let cold Ballantine Ale Emu Bitter rill into your parched throat like spring rain on the dessert. Smooth malt and hops…

Hotty Hot Hot Hot Reader Matt Voerman kindly let me know that the annual Chilli Festival is on this weekend at the picturesque retreat of Araluen Botanic Park. Family foodie fun to be sure and more. boawwwwbaddowdowdowdydowdabowdowdiewdadow



  1. Santos’s avatar

    freakish blogger comment boxes wherever i turn–why aren’t any of them the same?

    i think your book is actually here.

    nice boots.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    other than, because they’re different, dunno. Apparently there’s CSS messing about potential (mistress of font colour) but the functionality is much better. No more need for anonymous posting or going back to see what someone wrote (poor short term memory). Wonder if it’s as unspammable as before?

    My book is there? Gah!

    dirty boots

  3. Santos’s avatar

    i’ve been told by typepad people that the new comments feature has been sending them in endless loops that go nowhere. hm. an effort by blogger to kill competition?

    book 2 is on hawaiian time. you’ll be lucky if you see it in the next 3 months.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    “them” – spammers or typepad people? I think blogger knows when I’m getting to the sod this I’m off to wordpress stage and puts in a new feature to try and keep me sweet.

    3 months! I need me some loco moco.

  5. Santos’s avatar

    typepad people them. now that you are doubling up on comments, are you closer to the sod this stage?

  6. anthony’s avatar

    Now I’m in two minds as to whether, blogger’s bluggered or I’m a techno duffer unfit for PHP etc.

    [oh this is also a test with the “other” function]

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    yep that seems ok and takes me straight to my site rather than a page of “I like watersports, rock music, and raging” questions. But it doesn’t save the details. : (

  8. Anonymous’s avatar

    well if it’s worth saying once…

    it’s been a while between drinks for me at the spiceblog bar, but it’s good to see you never ease up.

    There is no shame in being a techno silly-duffer,Anthony… I hope… but then if you are a duffer… the prognosis for me is not that favourable.

    bfn ab

  9. wbb’s avatar

    a freakishly good looking site this one – and you say you cook as well?

    one saturday mornings when I’m turned outta bed to put on the one ring gas burner this is where i turn for inspiration.

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    bfn ab

    : ) The spiceblog bar is always open and grinds on remorselessly like the wheels of Vishnu. A middy was it?

    Hey thanks and yes. One burner can hold one pot and into one pot many things can be put. Scrambled eggs nice and runny and you can mix some pasta sauce in there.

  11. Anonymous’s avatar

    No bartender, it’s exam time – so strictly doubles for me, thank you.
    I think that the bacon, avocado and tomato on toast is great exam food for noshing it up quickly and hitting the books again. Good stuff chef.
    cheers, ab

  12. Anthony’s avatar


    Early in the piece for exams?

  13. Anthony’s avatar

    argh Login AND Publish

    Good luck with them and any excuse for some bacon avacado magic.

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