Bacon, Tomato, and Avacado on Wholemeal Toast





  1. tokyo goat’s avatar

    Quick and Easy and Delicious?
    Queensland Education Department??

  2. Anthony’s avatar


    Quirky Energy Dome. Yesterday was IDD.

    Dab hand at the acronym though – catchy book/show title.

    It was unintentional, the tomato was going to be the focus but it ended up being the bacon at the back but then it kind of draws you back into the picture as if you were just to the left of the piece of avacado.

    [secret personal message – did you get my email?]

  3. Jeanne’s avatar

    Quietly entertaining dingoes?

    Quick – eek! – didgeridoos!

    Quit eating dolcelatte?

    Quivering edible delight??

    Somebody stop me!!!

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Oi, one more didgeridoo or dingo comment and Jonty does my WBW review.

  5. Nicole’s avatar

    Hey Spicey – I see that you’re going to the meetup tomorrow. I’ve been umming and aaahing about it the past couple of months. Can you believe it, feel too shy. Might go tomorrow, maybe be good to meet you face to face before you and your misses come to dinner (you know, just in case we both walk away going….man what dickhead/bitch) :))

  6. Anthony’s avatar


    I can assure in advance that I am a complete dickhead. I would however really recommend popping on along to the meet-up, it’s a nice bunch o’ folks. Real friendly like. See ya there.

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