Veal Scallopini with a Lemon Sauce and Chocolate Mousse


Avatar’s saved me having to bag Valentine’s day with a marvellously offensive spray. Yes Valentine’s Day is crapalapdap but it did get me thinking about chocolate and then that I hardly ever make any desserts, and how all this time I’ve been cooking for me, my wants, my needs, my ambitions, and leaving Toni to fend for herself with some Neopolitan ice-cream and tinned fruit salad that I’d nick the cherry out of…

So a mousse recipe I found it was. Doing this I thought dinner should be a wee bit special but still light and Veal Scallopini came to mind. Veal Scallopini made me think of Ruffino Chianti and as I pull out a couple of old champagne(?) glasses for the mousse, I realised the unifying theme was – romantic evening out circa 1972 extraordanaire. All I needed was an excuse to slip into my silky thigh length kimono with the tiger on the back.


Veal Scallopini with a Lemon Sauce

Two veal scallopini steaks (ask your butcher) pounded thinly then lightly coated with flour. Fry on each side in a heavy pan in 2tbs of butter and oil. Quick and hot! Remove the scallopini, and the deglaze with 2tbs of lemon juice and 1tbs of butter. Add a little chopped parsely. Return the scallopini to the pan to quickly reheat (don’t cook it) on both sides with the sauce.

Served on bought Cappelleti di Pollo with a simple white wine and cream sauce with a little of the lemon sauce and some lemon zest.


Chocolate Mousse with Strawberry Marinated in Port

Oddly more like creamy chocolate crunch as the chocolate turned into crunchy little bits. May have been my losing patience with incremental microwaving. Any idea people?

Melted 100gm of Cocolo Fairtrade milk chocolate with just under a tablespoon of butter until smooth (ideally). Allow to cool.

Whisk two eggs yolks and 2tbs of sugar whisked together over the improvised double boiler of a bowl over a saucepan of boiling water. After four minutes it should be thick so remove and continue to whisk until pale and cool. Add to the chocolate and then mixed in with 100ml of lightly whisked King Island Pure Cream.

Added one strawberry marinated in port to each glass and then filled with mousse. I sliced the strawberries horizontally and the put it back together again so it didn’t have to be eaten in one go as slicing with a spoon in a champagne glass invites danger, no? A splash of port to fill the slight indent around the strawberry.


Ruffino 2002 Chianti
Chianti so rarely disappoints me. Slightly chilled.

The chianti had the filtered through a bag of socks taste that I love for some reason (repressed foot fetishism?). The mousse was not the saccharine fluff I’d had ages before but a solid amalgam of milk products and chocolate and a crunchy delight, an unwitting success. The veal and pasta was a little too lemony. I should have kept the pasta sauce just plain cream and wine to balance. Toni though, said that the lemon taste was just the thing to offset the humid weather. That and the 6-pack of Beck’s, what a doll.

And in the spirit of things, Santos has valentine’s music if you’re quick.

[I don’t think I’ve had the “post as a redemptive journey” yet, so there ya go genre buffs – collect the whole set]


  1. Santos’s avatar

    thanky almighty no photo of that thigh high kimono. did you bust out the barry white?

    was the choco grainy? too high heat. milk needs less than dark, medium power for 1.5 minutes should be just enough–you should just see a sheen on the chocolate, but it won’t look melty, until you stir it and stir it lots. and forget the butter, you’re just frying it now. if you are worried or prone to wandering away, use cream.

    “post as a redemptive journey”…stttt…. i’ll have to get back to you on that

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    here I am!.

    It was grainy yes. I was that close to sending off an emergency Santos email. Microwave was 1 minute defrost – nothing, tentative 30 second more- a little, the fry tae fook. Ah well. Tasted ok though.

    “…stttt….”? I’m still deciding between Anthony Hopkins and Adam Sandler.

  3. Santos’s avatar


  4. Anthony’s avatar

    That settles it. I’m going to get that Electric 6 CD I’ve been promising myself.

    Fire in the Disco
    Fire in the Taco Bell
    Avatar’s gone soft and demolished my narrative arcy contrasty bookending.
    : (

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    Argh What the hell happened to the line break? Ah well could you tell us that the cookie had strychnine in it and then I could go for the old baddie ends up being the goodie and vice versa thriller switcheroonie. Maybe.

  6. keiko’s avatar

    Hello Anthony – your pictures are gorgeous and everything looks delicious! Did you live in Japan for a while BTW?

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Keiko

    iie iie…the pictures came out nicely but the food was can do better next time.

    7 years. How about you?

  8. Anonymous’s avatar

    King Island cream!, Ruffino chianti! is this the thin end of the product placement wedge??

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    Not quite. Once I wriggle out of my exclusive rights clause with the good people of LikLik WOPA you can look forward to such exciting new spiceblog features as It’s Chicken Tonight Fridays, and Tuesday’s with Tummysizer. Working on naming rights as The Online Gambling Gourmet as we speak.

  10. Manas’s avatar

    Veal scallopini is one of my all time favourite dishes, in a white wine cream sauce especially. Lemon sounds good though.

    BTW – do you have a good recipe for Teriyaki chicken or teriyake anything for that matter? Is the Pope Catholic?

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    The lemon is nice and light and handy of you don’t happen to have a bottle of marsala at hand.

    Are you in a hurry? If not I could whip something up within a week or so.

    Is the Pope Catholic? Hmmmmm what’s that Rev. Paisley? He’s the anti-christ? Well I don’t know if that’s true.

  12. Manas’s avatar

    No hurry at all, Mr Chef. Merely curious.

    I know teriyaki is normally done with chicken (well, so far as I remember), but I try and avoid chicken, so if you can come up with something that’s not chicken, that would be my preference.

  13. Avatar’s avatar

    Always happy to oblige, m’love.

  14. Anthony’s avatar

    post Gino’s convo, I’ll do something easy and good and non-chiken within a week.

    Bless. Entertaining as you make it, can’t have you perma-angry. Hope you had a good day…oh no you didn’t. Ah well your good self will see you through.

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