Gyudon – beef rice bowl

gyudon Were a copy of our daily newspaper to blow eastwards over the nullabor to people who only knew of Western Australia as the place where soapie characters go to never return, they might think that the state was filled with cranks and bigots who had to wait in line in darkened hospitals while their houses were being burgled and that poorly thought out acts of largesse to private companies for Stalinist style grand engineering projects were good ideas. We’re it not for people like Manas and her koibito Robert writing sharp minded political joy, then I’d have to start my day with a nice hot cup of punch in the face. Could I give her a recipe for teriyaki non-chicken? Why of course, a campaign needs carbohydrates for energy and protein for strength. So an easy variation on the sauce combo – the beef rice bowl or gyudon.

Teriyaki is usually reduced or brushed on to form a glaze and much of it’s character comes from the use of sugar but a more general application of it is as a combination of soy sauce, mirin (sweet rice wine), and (depending on who you ask) sake. Start with equal parts and then adjust as needed for saltiness, sweetness, and tanginess respectively. A teaspoon of sugar does no harm. Taste and see.

Take a nice piece of rump (woof!) steak and pound it out. You need pieces about 3mm thick. Good effect can also be made by slicing downwards and vertically for wider but skinnier cuts. Take an onion and slice it finely top to bottom. You can also use spring onions. Quickly brown and remove, then sautee the onions until just softening, return the steak to the pan and the sauce and let reduce until the steak is cooked. Pour on top of a bowl of freshly cook short grain rice and serve with a little cayenne pepper ( or Japanese sansho if you’ve got it). It’s good.

Sensible people will of course vote for Geoff Gallop and Labor this weekend but Colin Barnett is offering me a 12ft ice-cream, just waiting for those costings.

Update: Looking bad for my ice-cream

Update 2: woot! Cheers all that worked hard to secure this most pleasing of wins.

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  1. teddles_russ’s avatar

    hmm my recipe for this was onion and thinly sliced beef braised together, add sauces shortly before serving. Tastes just like the beef rice bowl at Mr Samurai…

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    They did mention that in the recipe but I wanted to get the onions to a certain softness without over-cooking the beef.

    Mr Samurai is tops and what we should all aim for.

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    I should also mention that over-cooking for me is is anything right of rare.

  4. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    I like gyudon. Haven’t made it, or had it, in a while.

    Sorry about the delay with the Book 1. I never received it from Alan before I went on vacation. Don’t know if it’s at the post office or not, but I’ll be picking up my mail later on today. If it’s there, I’ll send the book off to you by the weekend. Once again, my apologies.

  5. Anthony’s avatar


    Nothing says sorry better than gifts. Nah just kidding, take your time if you just got it.

    Alan. Tsk.

  6. Santos’s avatar

    alan’s still got the book. i’m betting on an april delivery. late march at the earliest.

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    Faarrk, where’s he live? I’m putting on my arse kicking boots.

    Sorry to have bugged you Reid, the gifts can wait until my birthday

  8. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    What do you want from Hawaii? I can send it to you when I send the book. BTW…when’s your b-day? Mine’s today…how about a b-day gift from Australia?


    What do you mean by an April delivery? Got anymore of those CDs? I just read about them today.

  9. Santos’s avatar

    he lives at 555 wotmewori lane, kizmiaz, hawai’i hachacha

  10. Anthony’s avatar


    Happy Birthday matey. I’m getting a beer to celebrate.

    OK I’m in for the swapsies – know any good second hand Hawaian shirt shops?
    From OZ?

    He is sooooo dead.

  11. Reid’s avatar

    Hey Anthony,

    Thanks dude! What size are ya and what colors do you like?

    Let me think about question 2…

  12. Anthony’s avatar


    Hope you had a good one.

    Yay! A large large or a small XL hmm lets say XL for postprandial comfort.

    Blue Green

    Let me know after you have a think

  13. FXH’s avatar

    Were a copy of our daily newspaper …. the state was filled with cranks and bigots … darkened hospitals ..houses ..burgled …largesse to private companies for Stalinist ….engineering projects were good ideas. I thought you were going to tell me it wasn’t like that.

    Only been to Perth once and to use an old line “I spent a month in Perth one week”

    Although it wasn’t wasted. I did get to see Dan Warner & From The Suburbs at that basement bar /gig somewhere. Showing my age I guess.

  14. Anthony’s avatar


    and what’s worse.. no suburban shopping centres on Sunday. How’s a man supposed to get some whitegoods.

    You’re thinking of Dan Hicks and the Hotlicks. Dave Warner- was on the radio the other day saying how he was strong-armed into playing on Countdown.

    Speaking of things going back and forth between people, did you get that CD?

  15. FXH’s avatar

    re CD yeah i did – sorry about lack of communication but I’ve been deliberately away from that music side of things and only had time for the odd smartarse comment on others blogs – life and a few serious things got in the way. I can’t find that CD you asked for can you email me with another choice or two?

  16. Anthony’s avatar

    Will do. Hope the serious things resolve themselves and good to see your comments popping up here and there.

  17. Manas’s avatar

    Anthony, you’re a champ.

    Hope you pulled up OK after last night! How’s the head after the bottle of red?

    Thanks heaps for the recipe, it seems so simple. And a great excuse to buy sake. I even have some of the little wooden boxes at home that you’re meant to drink it out of (swiped them from a Japanese cruise ship, but that’s another story…)

    I hope to make it next weekend, will let you know how it goes. Would you recommend serving it with any particular side dishes, veggies, etc?

  18. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Manas

    A mere beef bowl, you’re near 24 hour non stop election effort was real champion stuff. Spiceblog salutes you. There are some pics on my Flickr page. Sorry for the one that looks like you’re about to be ill.

    The box is called a masu and seems to soften the sake flavours, make sure the sake is nicely chilled. The boxes also make a handy place to leave the pepper grinder.

    It’s really a meal in itself but a bowl of miso soup would be very nice with it.

    As for my head, it was OK. Usually the histamines in shiraz do me in but the Hardy’s Oomoo didn’t. Magic.

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