Scones that Jo cooked and brought along on Sunday with Brad and young Rosie. Very good they were.

Scones have an interesting history, originating in the oooh Battlestar Galactica is on. Gotta go. Here, have some nice piccies of nice people.

bradjorosiescones rosiescones


  1. Nicole’s avatar

    Firstly, Coopers and scones. WRONG
    Secondly, post interrupted by BSG. DOUBLY WRONG.
    Why do you think I have access to the computer now? Because SOMEONE in our house is watching BSG too.

  2. Santos’s avatar

    BSG the rick springfield era or BSG the origami dude from bladerunner one?

  3. Jeanne’s avatar

    Scones. Hmm, rhymes with cylons, kinda. As for Starbuck(s) and (A)pollo – man the whole show was just foodporn. How could I have missed that??

    Santos – aaaah, Rick Springfield. Idol of my misspent youth. I have the Hard to Hold soundtrack. On vinyl. Beat that, sports fans…

  4. Amanda’s avatar

    Love a man with his priorities in order …

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    No coopers and cheesy scones is good but pre-dinner coopers flattens the palate unless it’s spicy food.

    BSG is the first bit of post stopping telly since, since, since…

    Well not the last series since the internet then was two mathmaticians sending eachother interesting equations. Is the origami dude the Lorne Green character from the original one? And is Rick Springfield due for a makeover, I think I bought my sister Comic Book Heroes in an act of largesse, or maybe that was the Bucks Fizz cassette? Food Porn. Now it’s just porn (although there was a bowl of noodles last night and chopsticks- have knives and forks held us back), foxy french kissing robo-babe porn and Starbuck is like your school friend that you catch up with after years and now he’s a woman and a hot one at that and you can’t tell me that doen’t bring up some issues.

    Prorities Amanda yes indeed. I call this new form of television unreality TV where the characters are played by “actors” and they’re told what to say by “writers”. Whether it better than a bunch of gormless twats sitting around a room or having a singing contest, we’ll have to see.

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