Chicken, Pistachio, Blue Cheese Vol au Vents

volauventAs we discussed, you knew you were at a very special 80’s Perth party when the mini vol au vents came out. If you were lucky, you may have washed them down with now defunct Swan Premium. I’ve never made them before due to the difficulty of obtaining vole but decided to go with chicken instead.

To be frank, vol au vents are kind of a drag. I was going to just buy the shells but felt guilty so I compromised with bought puff pastry and then went from there. Cutting out the base and then the ring shape to go on top is dull, dull, dull. There’s a brief moment of magic when they spring up in the oven, but that’s about it. The filling was classic menu wank that I chose for no other reason than the combo of pistachio, chicken, and blue cheese sounded good. Quite tasty but the time taking fiddliness could have been put to better ends and the filling was an uncomfortable compromise between chunky and creamy.

Served at my sister and brother-in-law’s decade of being together do. Good on ’em I say. Stopped in, pre-party, at the drive-through bottle shop at Steve’s for a bottle of ’95 something (bad year for France?). Wandered downstairs to have a look at their vintage-wine filled cellar. Very impressive and on a completely unrelated note, anybody out there with tunneling experience. POWs? Coal miners? Get in touch OK.


  1. Santos’s avatar

    once you obtain the vole, what do you do? make diagonal slashes across them?

    in louisiana they have drive-through daquiri huts, with all those frozen drink machines lined in a row. go for the dirty girl scout and they give you a cute straw.

    i am very good at boring holes through things and people that weren’t meant to be bored. does that help?

  2. Anthony’s avatar


    It’s a good idea to partially freeze them in an extended position, that way they can be cleanly sliced into 4mm rounds. Tidy up each round with a cookie cutter, making a smaller hole in every other round, this will be the sides. Leftover vole can be used in the filling or alternatively made into a stock or gravy.

    Louisiana more than just mudbugs. What are the other options apart from dirty girl scout?

    Maybe, maybe…BARISTA has come up with the goods I think

  3. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Sounds good, but you only have one left on the plate. Did you eat them all before going to the party?


  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Reid

    No that’s it. I just made one.

  5. BigBob’s avatar

    Not thinking of putting in your own cellar?

    Hope you’re not down on the sandy soils.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    A dream Bob, a dream. Toni seemed keen about the idea, I suspect she may lock me down there.

    On the other side of, if I remember correctly, the tertiary dune system.

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