End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza #4, Eggs Fried with Red Wine


I remembered my monthly eggy cycle not with the stomach but with the brain when Chris Sheil gave post-modernism CPR after the beating it received from angry villagers, accusing it of pinching apples and looking funny. I was just there to defend scrambled eggs, I’m a simple man¹.

I was going to go for the perfect poached egg but a slight victory hangover called for fried. Not very inspired I know, but chance favours the prepared mind and a 1/4 full bottle of last night’s shiraz was at hand. Too late go through the elaborate procedure of Bacon and Eggs Poached in Red Wine I just poured a glass in the frypan once the whites had set and placed a lid on. A quick dash outside to get a twig of rosemary from the garden to add. Simmered until the yolks were cooked. A tasty sunny side up finish to the eggs and an instant jus to be soaked up by the bread. The bread was New Norcia sourdough and was joined by fried roma tomatoes, bacon, and hash browns.


If you’d like to know more or be a part of EoMEoTE²#4 please speak with our lovely host of the month and founding member Jeanne. The round-up will be in a week or so.

¹But I do know what I like. I woke up one morning to the guest “post-modernist” chef on Good Morning America telling us about his [gasp!]edible menu and [swoon!] hot/cold soup. The former dismissed by the Flinstone writers long ago in favour of the “bringing the table tennis table to the French restaurant” gag, and the latter showing he’s never used a microwave. He would have been covering himself with mud for a performance piece twenty years ago and choking on Gitanes Sans Filtre, forty. Stick to carny son.

²EoMEoTE is a global iniative to promote accessible engagement with simple food and shared experiences. All are welcome to partcipate. Spiceblog uses and encourages the use of free-range eggs.

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  1. Sam’s avatar

    Oh – those egg yolks look perfect, just how I love them, a little bit hard with a puddle of yellow gloop. Yum.
    I did edit my own post to give you a nod too. I realised that Jeanne was getting all the glory. It’ isn’t that she doesnt deserve it, it’s just that you deserve it too!

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Thanks Sam, half of that puddle of gloop ended up around my mouth. No nod at alll necessary it was Jeannes idea and just delays getting down to the eggy business. Hope settling into rthe new house is coming along.

  3. Jeanne’s avatar

    Mmmm, and who said eggs and wine were a difficult pairing? Both innovative and faithful to the spirit of let-see-what’s-left-in-the-fridge-the-week-before-payday-and-cook-it-all-together that brought EoMEoTE into existence in the first place. Yolks do look done to perfection…

    Sam – we here at EoMEoTE believe in egg-alitarianism and the principle of shared glory. In the creative process that hatched EoMEoTE, Cooksister and Spiceblog are like the chicken and the egg. Who came first? Who knows!!

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    They worked very well together and it seemed a nice all round post party hangover combo. Just have to check the bottle carefully for cigarette butts.

    What is spirit without will and will without spririt?

  5. Santos’s avatar

    i know i should really wait for reid so we can both get kicked off of a post like we did at jeanne’s, but i might as well start it. i can’t look at your possibly lovely creation because…oh gads, it’s too early in the day for this. let’s just say there was something in the first six words of this post, a french euphemism, and graphic images that really put me off.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    I can’t believe you two nice kids went all bad and crazy enough to get kicked off a post at cooksister. I blame the sugar and the food colouring of the deep-fried mars bars. Mind though, the beefy presence of LikLikWopa Man usually keeps things under control here.

    Those French are so crafty. I wouldn’t be surprised if their language isn’t one great euphemism.

  7. Helen (AugustusGloop)’s avatar

    Oh Santos! :P

    And I was gonna compliment Anthony on his nice set of yolks!

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    no really AG feel free.

  9. Jeanne’s avatar

    Aaaarrrgh! Santos, now you’ve got my mind off at a tangent and got me looking at the picture like some sort of demented Rorschach test – it’s like staring at shapes in the clouds but much, much worse…

    Notice how the egg on the left is about to meet with the winner of the swimming tadpole race – you can see the crafty little feller creeping along the edge of the white, sneaking up on the yolk? Soon you’ll have 2… no, 4…, no 8… no, 16 eggs etc etc ad nauseam.

    And look – we’ve come full circle back to your and Reid’s fascinating discussion about fertilized eggs! :p

  10. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    Anyone seen Beyond The Valley of the Dolls? There’s a cut involving eggs which is memorable.

  11. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony/Jeanne/Santos,

    We sure have come full circle, but this is more interesting. Besides, I don’t see beaks, bones, feathers or eyeballs! =P

    BTW…good job Anthony! Who would have thought you could pair red wine and eggs AND bacon! I also tried to leave a comment yesterday, but this darned new Blogger comment system…ack!

  12. Anthony’s avatar

    People people they are simply huevos en sangre.

    Anthony – it rings a bell but the film is notorious for its distractions.

    Reid – I know, it’s just condemned not to work properly ever.

  13. Anthony’s avatar

    I mean sangria of course

  14. Julie’s avatar

    True confessions time — I had the same reaction as Santos to the “first six words”. But the food looks amazing, sort of the quintessential fantasy brek but even better ’cause it has wine…and sauce. Give me sauce for sopping and I’m a happy girl.

  15. Santos’s avatar

    > I mean sangria of course

    you were right the first time.

    anthonyj–missed that russ meyer classic. will it put me off of eggs any more than this?

  16. Lyn’s avatar

    Yum. I never thought of frying eggs in red wine, but it sounds and looks divine. Since Cakes and I moved to the frozen hinterland of Canada from Melbourne last year, I’ve been jealously guarding he gorgeous Aussie reds we brought with us. Every occassion for their use must meet with strict standards, lest we waste even a drop of the precious stuff. This recipe, I believe, is worthy.

  17. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Julie
    Women, one track mind, every man I’ve shown the pic has just thought of breasts floating in transmission oil.

    It’s good soppin’ sauce

    ‘ola Santos
    Muchos gracias!
    Knee high go-go boots

    Howdy Lyn
    Neither had I until I did, it’s good. And those Aussie reds, don’t be too precious with them, we had to work through three or four of them in our last night in Japan. Alone, with the door locked is always a good time. : )

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