Muffuletta – Ben Folds, Anthony Layers.


Clement of A La Cuisine! went and made me all rambly nostalgic and in the process reminded me of one of my Uni era grand food projects, the muffuletta. A kind of delicatessen terrine, cached in a loaf of bread. The special occasion was an outdoor concert in King’s Park with Ben Folds and the West Australian Symphony Orchestra. Dining with Robbie and Veronique, and Robert and Manas.


It’s actually not that hard at all, most of it is brought. For heavy duty deli shoppping I usually go to the Contintal Supermarket on the corner of Fitzgerald and Roe. The only real kitchen work is the roasted red capsicums (peppers) and the fried eggplant. I roasted the capsicums over the burner until the skin bubbled, then picked the skin off, persuading a few recalcitrant bits with a paring knife. I think this can also be done by placing them in a paper bag in the oven, but I’ve forgotten how exactly. The eggplant was sliced to a 4mm thinckness and cooked in a pan with EVOO.

Next was the ricotta mix. A cup of ricotta with a handful of finely chopped basil, and an egg yolk and mixed. The dressing was a 1/4 cup of EVOO, 2tbs capers and a tbs of oregano.

Get a nice round loaf of bread, slice the top off, and hollow it out. The ricotta mix gets spread aound the bottom and the sides. Then it’s just a matter of stacking food up to the top. For this one is used – prosciutto, fried eggplant, roasted capsicum, coppa, rocket, green pesto, and stuffed olives with the dressing poured over. The lid is put back on, wrapped in foil and refrigerated for 8 hours.


As for the concert. Situated on freshly cut lawns in a natural ampitheatre, surrounded by gums trees, with the stage in front of a small lake; it would have been good even if Frente had been playing. Ben Folds is a supreme human being. Talented, funny, humane, and just makes fantastic songs.



  1. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    The sandwich sounds/looks interesting. Did you say that rocket was the same as arugula? If so, I can imagine that it lent a certain spicy-bitterness to the sandwich.

    Hey guess what? I finally got book 1 from Alan. I’ll be sending it your way next Friday.

    BTW…is that your photo there? What’s with the hair?

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Yeah I think rocket is aragula but rocket sounds much cooler no? A slightly bitter tasting leafy green.

    Hey that’s cool about the book. Best sharpen my artlines.

    What’s with the hair? I think not enough conditioner.

  3. Manas’s avatar

    Ben Folds rocked! It was an awesome concert. Sandwich was yummy.

    And you better leave Frente alone. They’ve already apologised for Accidentally Kelly Street.

  4. Manas’s avatar

    Oh I forgot – and how were those cheeky swooping kookaburras and scarily full ducks?!!

  5. Anthony’s avatar


    Tsk. The standard for foody blog comments is effusive praise – The sandwich rocked! It was awesome. Ben Folds was good. We’re sensitive sorts.

    Agreed, truce on Frente lest they be reincarnated as beady eyed morsel nicking kookaburras and pant pooping ducks.

    Will have to get the DVD so I can lure people back to the house and subject them to endless rambling rock commentary.

  6. Ben’s avatar

    Hmmm…. Muffuletta… You’ve put me in the mood for some N’Orleans grub. I think I’ll make myself a po’ boy for lunch.

  7. Anthony’s avatar


    Big. Easy. Nicely pointed out, I forgot they were from New Orleans.

    Voltaire’s Bastards, what a book. Always something that twigs a reread but then some bastard borrowed it and didn’t return it.

  8. Lyn’s avatar

    yum yum yum! That looks so good, although, not being a python, I’m not entirely sure I could unhinge my jaw in order to eat it.

    I had my first (and only. sob.) muffuletta in New Orleans in January. The place I got it from (Central Grocery)puts “olive salad” in theirs, which is diced marinated vegetable including carrots, cauliflower and olives, and man is it good. the marinated vegetables really make it moist.

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Lyn

    It’s not the daintiest of eats I just cut in into slices and kind of stuffed it in – not really a peas on the back of the fork person.

    Mmm the marinade you make a nice extra taste note.

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