Bloggies 2005 – and the winner isn’t…

girlsolive Ahhhh Bloggies. Not to be people.

Thanks for the nomination, kind words, support, and the votes(some go-getters as many as a dozen times!). Well done to Aus/NZ winner what’s new, pussycat and congratulations on her non-webby nuptuals. Consolations to fellow silver medal winners – locals and foodies. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a hot date with a cold bottle of sherry.

More: Have you hugged your noodlepie today?

And a thought: Tough call, but best blog in Aus/NZ in my opinion? Deltoid.



  1. pieman’s avatar

    Bastards the lot of them… burp… hic… Could’ve bin bigger than the Beatles… mumble, gripe, grumble… spare some change for a cuppa tea, mister?

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Get away from me you filthy old wino and your once I had a railroad stories. Ahmmm are you going to smoke all that cigarette?

    Hey can I stop being gracious now? Good. Fack fack fackity fack fack!

  3. pieman’s avatar

    Ghenghis Khan and the Flower Children, really could’ve been bigger than the Beatles. We were just too far ahead of our time. That was the only problem. The ONLY problem, I’m tellin’ ya’? Bugger off and buy your own fags, loser.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Their children will shake their heads and ask why? Now who are you and.. get your hands off my shoes.

  5. Helen (AugustusGloop)’s avatar

    Hey bad luck, I mean, bad judgement (obviously).

    And here… have the rest of my McFried egg and red w(h)ine Value Meal. You look like you could do with it Mister.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Vox Populi, Vox Que

    I was hungry and you gave me food, thirsty and you gave me drink. I shant forget this. Egg Scottish Restaurant Muffin though, I mean cahm on, still got some values, try me tomorrow.

  7. teddles_russ’s avatar

    Hmmm I didn’t even get a nomination… So commiserations mate, let’s polish off this excellent Domaine Springton and fuggeddaboudit… Until next year… hehehe…

    Seriously – you’ve done well this year, got in the news and nominated, so hopefully next year you’re in there in the top spot.

  8. pieman’s avatar

    What is it with you antipodeans and statesiders? Since when did hugging become the global cure all?

    I don’t want a hug from anyone (apart from noodlegirl), but especially not from a male Aussie. I’m British and I prefer to keep my distance from the sweaty oi palloi of this world.

    Pie-no hugs, bugger off and leave me alone-man

  9. Holden’s avatar

    I’m sorry for you. But still your Blog is fantastic.

    Keep on blogging!

    Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    See, the bloggies are a great pit of unfairness, I’ve found the sharp taste of James Squire IPA a pefect match for the bitterness in my heart. You and me Ted, let’s gettem, alll of of ’em.

    Noodle Pie
    Think yourself lucky I didn’t kiss you in four places.

    Thank you, but don’t feel sorry, feel angry, is there a car you can set on fire or something?

  11. chika’s avatar

    hey, but we still love ya!

  12. Anthony’s avatar

    yasashi Chika san!

    Arigatou, ureshiku naremasu

  13. Jozef Imrich, Esq.’s avatar

    Everyone is a winner … Enjoy ;D

  14. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Sorry you didn’t win. I guess we didn’t cast enough votes for our favorites (which both you and noodlpie were).

    The book should be headed your way shortly, however, I can’t find a decent shirt for you at a vintage store that was reasonably priced. Did I tell you that vintage aloha (Hawaiian) shirts cost about US$150?

    I’ll keep looking and if I don’t find it by the time the book is ready to be sent, I’ll send it as soon as I find it. Want anything to go with that shirt?

  15. Anthony’s avatar

    Jozef Imrich esq.
    Thank you. Did I mention I was Slavic *and* Irish?

    Jeebus $150! Don’t stress yourself looking, I’m more of a snazzy bargain man. I’ll settle for an attractive snow dome. : )

    Cheers and yeah I know with the voting, I mean after the first 50 votes for myself, I kind of lost the pace.

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