St Patrick’s Day

Because – we don’t like snakes, there’s drinking, and there’s crack, mother’s maiden name is Byrne, green shirts, and Dave Allen.

Cooking? It’s probably a bit late for a Beef, Guinness, and Lamb Terrine but you could always whip up a Beef and Guinness Stew without too much fuss.


  1. OMIH’s avatar

    Isn’t that craic? Unless we’re talking about low grade street drugs here.

    I know, I’m a smart arse.

    I shall be drinking green beer in Hanoi tonight. Apparently Guinness is just too expensive to import.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    The management of spiceblog would like to clarify that while it will accept full responsibility for an old joke, it accepts no such responsibility for not knowing how to spell craic.

    Enjoy the green beer, couldn’t you use squid ink and pretend it’s Guiness. Surely they’d get it if you told them it was the colour of HCM’s jim-jams.

  3. Santos’s avatar

    happy saint paddy’s day to ya! you are officially the whitest guy i know.

  4. Anthony’s avatar


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