Black Pudding with Poached Eggs and Mushrooms

More or less taken from a Jamie Oliver recipe in Delicious magazine

Not quite the fry up I really needed as most of the booze had worked its way off in the 3k walk home at 1:30am in the optimistic hope that a taxi would eventually come along. The beer drinking also tapered off after the 98th minute loss by the Wallabies to England. Not normally one for displays of nationalism, I kicked out the jams here and spent the last half of the game in a kind of anxiety usually reserved for those awaiting the outcome of a biopsy. No joy but had to be gracious in defeat and the only bum note was watching our spotlight mugging PM handing out the medals to the English team like a tubby kid being forced to share his Tim Tams with his friends. Shameful really.

Anyway nothing tricky here. Eggs poached as before, mushrooms fried whole in a pan, the black pudding sliced to about half a cm and fried until cooked then all put on a bit of lightly toasted rye bread. The black pudding distintegrated while cooking so it looked a mess.

Not bad, the pudding was mostly salty and probably gave me all the iron I needed for a month.

When’s cricket?