IMBB#13 – Manly Cupcakes


When it was announced that the interblogging food event of Is My Blog Burning #13 for this month was My Little Cupcake, I didn’t say yippee. I felt sad. I felt disenfranchised. I felt trapped inside my cage of masculinity. I felt lost. I felt hairy in an age of smooth. I felt weak. Don’t know how Bill Granger does it.

I can’t.

I must.

This one’s for Becky.

First step was to get rid of the sugary softness, I settled on a Yorkshire pudding batter.

Sift one cup of SR flour – needed for lift for the cupcake shape, and then place an egg in the middle of the pile and beat in. Add half a cup of milk slowly and then beat to a batter and then continue to beat for five minutes. Then stir in another half a cup of milk and refrigerate for half an hour.

Flavouring had to be meat. Salty beats sweet. Black pudding. Hard to find so I settled for 150gm of blutwurst from Elmars. Cut it into slices and then fried it up in mutton dripping; carefully saved from sunday night’s chops. This smoked blutwurst will crumble when cooked, mince it up further. Allow to cool and mix into the batter.

Get the oven up to 180C and add a dab of dripping to each muffin hole in the mini muffin tray. Place in the oven and when hot, fill up each one almost to the top with the batter, add a little water to any empty ones for even cooking. Cook for 20 minutes until golden brown.

Icing-sugarless Icing
Obviously icing sugar wasn’t going to be an option so I settled for a cranberry sauce. Half a cup in a pan, a splash of the last remains of a bottle of Wild Turkey, bring to the boil and allow to simmer until it thickens, adding small amounts of cranberry sauce to get the consistency right.

Remove cupcakes, apply cranberry, and eat.


Mantastic. Really. Bloody brilliant. Bravo me if I don’t mind saying so myself. Robbie says great.


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  1. amoa’s avatar

    Happy is the man who can take his chains and make them into an attractive bracelet.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    So very true.

  3. Helen (AugustusGloop)’s avatar

    You could’ve gone the whole hog and topped them with congealed pigs blood…

  4. Santos’s avatar

    next time you should serve them on sharpened sticks.

    mantastic. snort. ah, i give high regard to your culinary mentertainment.

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    Pigs blood! Ewwwwwww how gross.

    Hand sharpened.

  6. chika’s avatar

    never had black pudding in a muffin, or with cranberry. curious. would you throw one of em to me please, bc I am too afraid to try and make one myself… … …

  7. Lyn’s avatar

    Phenomenal effort! You truly are an enigman. You get all doe-eyed and teary when contemplating eating roo (a man’s meat if there ever was one!) but balk at cupcakery. You are the embodiment of the modern Australian bloke’s dilemman – how to be sensitive enough while mantaining the machismo.

    I reckon Billy nicks out the back door once in a while jamming a greasy, charred, ketcup-smeared snag in his gob just to be able to live with himself. If he drops his snag in the dirt on the way out the door, so much the better.

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    It took all my hairy chested man powers of culinary experimentation. Unfortunately I ate them all but to attempt such a feat would be a triumph for sexual equality.
    We aussie men eschew sensitivity in favour of sentimentality.

  9. Rachel’s avatar

    They’re rather cute and dainty. Shouldn’t a real man’s muffin be something that requires both big strong, and well-haired hands?

  10. Rachel’s avatar

    And shouldn’t these really be called Stud Muffins? (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

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