Buono Pasqua


Another landmark. Spiceblog is now in the top 10 sites for google searches of: picture jesus being flogged. From the Book of Action:

When someone does spill your drink, dwell not on the injustice of it
– you will find anger;
rejoice in the one that has been bought
– you will find love.

Have a good Easter/lunar festival, and enjoy the chocolate. Do you like the Italian Chocolate fish in the pic? Apparently they’re good-fishing totems in the south of Italy, usually appearing as a biscuit.

Alright, I’m off for a few days to a bloggy detox clinic run by socialists in Moore River. Expecting iPod battles. See you when I get back. Don’t forget the eggs.

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  1. pieman’s avatar

    I come up fifth if you search for ‘knocking shop in seoul’ which on balance is perhaps more impressive.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Not to mention more edifying.

  3. Lyn’s avatar

    Man. The only impressive ones I’ve found for mine are “men wearing panties” and “funny laws about cake”.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Do you think the two might be by the same person?

  5. pieman’s avatar

    A German googler looking for “piss maids” showed up the other day.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Yukky yukky yukky yuk yuk.

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