The cake and the cumquat tree


A cute story. Toni and I came back to Perth for a few weeks 7 years ago to get married. Madly unprepared for it all, thinking a church and restaurant booked; a Paul Smith suit and a wedding dress made of antique kimono silk; and the use of restored Triumph sports car, was all you had to do. Apparently there was much much more, like seating plans, table flower arrangements, and Mums’ wedding outfit coordination meeting. Despite missing many of the Bride magazine checkpoints, we got hitched and had a glorious day with friends and family (a pic if you’re good).

A few days we went back to Tokyo, leaving the remains of our wedding Mud Cake in my Mum’s freezer. When we returned to Perth in 2001 we reclaimed our cake, and still unsure of what to do with it, it continued its frozen state. Buying our house two years ago and the accompanying move brought up the cake again. It couldn’t stay there forever but I couldn’t bring myself to toss it in the green wheely bin. I had a plan. First a quick check to make sure it wasn’t still OK, it wasn’t. I made shallow layer of potting mix in the bottom of the pot, added the cake, and then a small cumquat tree. That’s it in the picture, doing famously.

We’re off for our 7th anniversary dinner at the Red Herring tonight, will be leaving the camera and pen at home, and enjoying my good fortune.




  1. Santos’s avatar

    fortune told in a grain of sand, or erm, soil and cake. happy anniversary, you two!

    i am very, very, very good. now where’s the photo?

  2. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Happy 7th, Tony & Toni! =) Hope you two enjoyed your night out!!!

    BTW…Book 1 is FINALLY leaving Hawaii! I’m going to try to get it to the post office tomorrow, if not, I’ll mail it on Tuesday (I’m taking the day off).

    Thank you for being so patient with us (Alan and I)…it’s called Hawaiian time.

  3. Nicole’s avatar

    Congrats to you both. I’m VERY good too….pics please :)

  4. Nicole’s avatar

    Oh and enjoy the Red Herring. Great location and tasty food.

  5. Ben’s avatar

    Great story.

  6. HM’s avatar

    A lovely story Devo. You are such a romanchic bugger!
    Happy anniversary from the McCs

  7. chika’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,
    happy happy aniversary to you two, hope you guys had an evening as lovely as the story just told.

    well you know I’m good, too?

  8. Lord Sedgwick’s avatar

    Congratulations you young pups you.

    We’re a month or so away from our 7th anniversary by 5 and it only seems like it was yesterday … when we had all our faculties, still had the bits that subsequently fell off and didn’t have all the bits that arrived uninvited.

    We’re planning a similar and appropriate right royal nosh up. “Meals on Wheels” have the date pencilled in and they’ve arranged for us to get an extra fish finger each and for there to be candles on the Tapioca Custard to mark the occasion.

    We’re still deciding whether we’ll top off the celebration with a visit to Bingo at the RSL club or go down to St. John’s for a spot of community hymn singing.

    Let me tell you, it doesn’t get much better than that.

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    Santos – Donovan! I’m getting a cast-iron frypan on my head if I mention my fave Donovan song.

    Thanks. Was a good night. With a fancy meal and a bit of smooth talk, I was able to convince Toni to come back to our house with me.
    I’m heading off to Japan next week so I may be joining you and Alan in Hawaiian time. Poor Santos.

    Was good, seafood platter enormously filling.

    ahh thanks I get a bit shy like with this kinda stuff.

    Now you know that’s romantic bit’s not true.

    Cheers. It was lovely.

    Many thanks. Yet still cutting a find figure around the internets. I think the good seasonal hymns have passed for a while with Easter. Go the RSL club.

    You’re all kind and good I’ll post our wedding pic tonight, but for now I think as pictures of couples go, I’ll have to let their excellency steal my thunder.

  10. Jeanne’s avatar

    7 years – well done to you both!! Clearly you both knew quality when you saw it…

    And here’s a suggestion for a gift for your copper anniversary –

    Hey – this means your wedding concided almost exactly with my and Nick’s first date, give or take a month… Spooky-Conicidences-R-Us!

    I’m so good I’m sprouting big white wings. Now please put up the wedding pc!!!

  11. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    How long will you be in Japan? Should I hold onto the book and mail it to you when you get back? It’ll give me more time to look for that shirt for you. Haven’t found one yet that I thought suitable.

  12. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Jeanne
    We actually started going out 15 years ago, so I had to keep myself in good order for eight years.

    Copper goods shops have a somewhat dodgy reputation in Oz but the one you linked to looks some magnitude better.

    Spooky again and pic is up.

    Hi Reid
    Your call. I7m leaving next Wednesday (eek!) and will be back a fortnight later. Anything you’d like in Japan?

  13. Santos’s avatar

    ah, so charming! that is a lovely photo and handsome couple, i must say.

  14. Lyn’s avatar

    That’s really sweet. But also slightly weird. Conga Rats.

  15. michael’s avatar

    great post. thanks for sharing, and happy anniversary ;)

  16. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Gosh, you’ll be gone a while. Lucky you! Is this trip for business or pleasure?

    I’d hate mail the book only for you to miss it. Why don’t I just send it off to you in a couple of weeks. That way it will be there when you arrive back in Perth. And no, there’s nothing that I need from Japan…thanks for asking though.

    BTW…nice wedding picture!

  17. Anthony’s avatar

    “sweet. But also slightly weird.”

    We have a winner.

    Thanks for the nice comments, all.

    Reid – that’ll be fine. Sorry Santos and Natalie.

  18. chika’s avatar

    Hi Anthony

    That’s a pretty shot! (not the one of the kumquat tree)

    hey, have a good trip to Tokyo, cherry blossoms are about to bloom, and massive hay fever is attacking folks.

  19. Anthony’s avatar


    The cumquat pic isn’t pretty!? : 0

    I always seem to just miss the cherry blossoms when I go over. Last time, I was just in time but then it rained heavily and they were all washed away. Managed to have quite a few good hanamis when I lived there though. Japanese people always liked to give us food and big bottles of sake and shochu. It would have been impolite of me to refuse ; )

    And no doubt many hayfever medicine ads. Only in Tokyo for four days so I’ll have to be very busy and eat a lot.

  20. Robert’s avatar

    Happy anniversary! Wow, almost matching names, almost matching haircuts. Marriage was inevitable.

  21. chika’s avatar

    oo sorry, sure the pic of the tree is pretty, but the one of you guys is just absolutely beautiful

    Good news is that if you are in Kanto or more in the southwest, you should be able to catch some cherry blossoms in full bloom along with a drunken hanami party or two :9

    Bad news is that hay fever seems to cover almost the entire national land this spring… they say it’s reeeeeally bad this year.

    Well good luck and have fun!

  22. Anthony’s avatar

    Rob – narcissism, it’s a beautiful thing.

    Chika – : ) The photographer swore never to take wedding photos but we twisted his arm.

    Here’s hoping – go to Kyushu for a week from next thursday, then Tokyo.

    Will pack antihistamines!

  23. Santos’s avatar

    “poor santos” “sorry santos”

    again with your comments. i am neither poor nor sorry, thank you verra much.

  24. Anthony’s avatar

    Santos Santos, despite the current orthodoxy, there is no shame in being either poor or sorry. Just feeling your pain here.

  25. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Maybe I should be the one to extend the apology to both Santos and Natalie…

    Didn’t meant to hold up the book. I take it that’s what you’re talking about. =(

  26. Anthony’s avatar

    Reid Reid Reid
    I think we’ve all been more than remorseful enough for one day. Think of the anticipation. : )

  27. keiko’s avatar

    Hi Anthony – happy anniversary to you and I hope you’re having a wonderful time in Japan!

  28. Anthony’s avatar

    Thanks Keiko, not quite there yet, Wednesday I fly out. Very fine site you’ve got there.

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