Things to do in Guilderton over Easter


Wonder where Rob and Carita are; discuss industrial relations for two hours; enjoy cold Emu Bitter; try to remember lyrics of Buenas Tardes Amigos; make smoked cod chowder; forget to bring smoked cod; greatly enjoy Garbin Estate 2004 Chenin Blanc; attend local Art and Craft exhibition; buy ceramic plate and bowl and zucchini pickles and fig jam; Save Moore River; visit West Coast Honey; regrettably buy Carlton Draft at improbably decorated yet very likeable Gingin pub; engage in Gingin Catholic Church 12 Stations of the Cross drive-through; have tasty steak pie at Gingin cafe; watch 3.5 hours of the League of Gentlemen; marinate lamb roast in tapenade, EVOO, and rosemary; lard with garlic, tapenade, rosemary; cook to satisfaction with acoustic accompaniment, gravy, potatoes, brussel sprouts, and potatoes; wonder why a 750ml bottle of wine is too much and a 1.5 litre bottle never enough; open up Rob’s bottle of 10yo Bushmills; go for a canoe paddle; find friend with plastic zodiac craft instead; catch nothing; try to launch boat on beach through surf; lose bung; struggle to get on; release cray pots; try fishing again; release undersized fish; enjoy home grown pesto with garlic toast for dinner; wake up early; execute flawless beach launch; find cray post empty; make panckes; drive home.

Look, make one. It’s cheap and easy and all you have to do is know how to make a fish stock and you should know that. Yes you should. And chicken. And veal/beef.

Anyway, finely chop up an onion (smaller as the stock only takes 30 minutes) and toss in the outer skin as well for colour says the nice man at the Innaloo fish shop. Then add garlic, celery, and a couple of spring onions and sautee in butter.

Add the fish heads/ bones, enough water to cover, parsley, bay leaf, and peppercorns. Bring to a boil and simmer for 30 minutes. Strain and salvage any tasty looking bits of fish.

Now the chowder.You can fry some more garlic and onion if you like. Add the fish stock and anything extra like parsley or a whole chilli. Add some chopped boiled potatoes, and let simmer (the potatoes will  help thicken the soup).

Make a quick roux by cooking flour in a similar amount of butter, add a little of the soup to the roux, stir, and then add the mix to the soup. Add any fish bits you’ve got or the mussels you’ve just carefully cooked. Heat. Stir in some cream. Season and serve over a piece of rye bread. Cheap and yum. No excuse for not making this, none. Pop quiz next semester.

chowdermooreriver lambroastmoooreriver mooreriverlambafter

Oi! Less foodly obsessed nice piccies over here.


  1. Manas’s avatar


    I must apologise – I knew I was a bit obsessed, but I didn’t realise we inflicted industrial relations talk on you both for two hours!

    Thanks for a great weekend. I’ll go on holiday with a chef anytime.

    And that was a wonderful introduction to chowder for me.

    Next time I swear I will catch a big fish.

    Cheers, Carita.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Carita

    Two! It felt like ten, not a single mention of Johnny Cash or EVOO. Actually it’s always interesting listening to people who know what they’re talking about, and as we found out with our chat with the aged-care worker neighbour, pertinent. I’m also impressed that people, unlike me, can discuss politics without reaching deep into the expletive bag. I really need a more nuanced analysis bank than “fucked”, “completely fucked”, “fucking wrong” and “fucking fucked”.

    Thank you two – relaxing,stimulating and enjoyable all rolled in one. Chowder, good and easy. Can’t ask for more in a food.The big fish will come, be inspired by spiceblog: Greg and the Giant Dhufish.

    Note:”chef” should read, capable enthusiast.

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