End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza #5, Poached Egg on Toast


How I love EoMEoTE. It is to food posting, what the electric starter is to engines.

I say this because last Monday I was in a plastic dinghy, in the surf, with a rope start outboard, listening to the whir and gasp of an engine that was doing nothing, as the waves rolled in. Why was I doing this? Because a few hundred metres offshore, were the bounty stuffed crayfish pots we had put out the day before under even more calamitous circumstances. A pump of fuel and a weedy rumble, off we went and at the end of the rope we found nothing we hadn’t seen 15 hours before. Never mind.

Breakfast then became pancakes and bacon and, as Carita had prepped the poaching liquid as per the previous day, poached eggs. I suspect she knows enough about the vagaries of fishing to have not prepared soy sauce and wasabi or whipped up some lime butter. The poaching liquid – the addition of a splash of balsamic, some parsely and two whole chillies. Does it make a difference? I think it does.

Toni is the egg poaching expert in our house so I deferred to her advice on cracking the egg into a ladle and gently lowering it in. A poke to test doneness and served with buckwheat pancakes and the toast that had lain in the oven under crisping bacon.
Was it crayfish?
Did I care?
As is often said:
You cannot eat your dreams,
for the taste of marshmallows,
becomes the mouth of feathers.

Round Up: I’m the Alex Winter of EoMEoTE! Fixed.

Oi!: Who’s the cheeky Netdisaster monkey?



  1. Santos’s avatar

    or in my case, viscoelastic hypoallergenic temperature sensitive foam. actually, wouldn’t that be marshmallows?

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    I’m guessing those peep thingamies.

  3. Manas’s avatar

    Same thing thismorning totally didn’t work. Well, it did, but it was kinda funny lookin.

    My sister’s birthday this morning, so I treated everyone to cooked breakfast, including Toni’s delightful poached egg recipe extraordinaire.

    However, once the eggs went in, the vinegar seemed to separate instantly from the water, leaving me with brown, lumpy (and gross) looking froth on the top of the water, and consequently, since I couldn’t get all of it out of the way, eggs that came out a bit spotty. Still tasted fine, but I have no idea what went wrong in the middle there.

    I wonder whether I heated the water too long or too much, or whether there was too much vinegar. Who would have thought cooking eggs could be such a complicated exercise?

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Funny looking* is OK, it’s part of the charm and you can always trim around the white. How was the doneness?
    Don’t know what happened with vinegar. You only need a splash of it, it’s there to help with the coagulation.** One possible solution is adding the vinegar after you turn the heat right down/off, give it a stir and then add the eggs.

    Keep at it. They did taste fine after all. Eggs dishes are maddeningly difficult, I’ve kind of got scrambled eggs down, omlettes are a constant source of frustration, and boiled eggs – constant source of mystery.

    *You could always call them vinegar flecked poached eggs.
    **As an added note the fresher the eggs the faster the coagulation.

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