Tarts Cafe . Home Providore, Perth


Just when I’d started becoming jaded with cafe breakfasts, Greg getting a haircut the The Men’s Room (official barbershop to Spiceblog) led us to nearby Tarts and breakfast pleasantry. Well recommended, a stack of mags and papers, and fancy fooody things to buy. Smallish, so often full. Can only fault the uncomfy chairs and flash Greg getting a heart on his coffee while I got an indistinct blur of cream and brown. Monday. Haircut.

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Tarts Cafe ⋅ Home Providore :
212 Lake St Perth 6805 (08) 9328 6607


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  1. Anonymous’s avatar

    You take wonderful photographs. What type of camera do you use?


  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Thanks Stephanie. A Nikon Coolpix 4500. Nothing too fancy in the scheme of things, it’s the light quality and the composition that really matters*. The shop windows faced east and it was mid morning.

    What I find realy handy about it is that the lens twists 270 degrees. This way you can take very low shots, good top down shots, and a few discreet shots at waist level. You can also hold it in a stable position for lower light shots (under 1/60). Other than that, five spot focusing, macro, and aperature control all do their bit.

  3. Anonymous’s avatar

    Excellent! I’ll look into that one. Our digital camera is about 6 years old. Enough said. :-)


  4. Anthony’s avatar

    The rotating screen is a realadvantage and it surprises me how manufacturers have stuck with a design that was necessitated by film. Nikon tends to be more on the geeky/engineer edge of design but are top notch quality and reward a bit of interest.

    Reid Of Ono Kine Grindz good things to say about Panasonic cameras, but I’ve never had one.

  5. david’s avatar

    I was in Perth last year on holiday from Port Macquarie, have lived in Sydney,Surry Hills, Darlinghurst, Newtown for more than 20yrs and stumbled upon Tarts and as I own my own restaurant, food, staff, ambience ect are paramount and I fully understand the difficulties in running such enterprize.I was more than impressed with Tarts as I have not found another place that is up to there standard. Congratulations it was a pleasure to find u and enjoy the experience you have to offer! on holiday

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