Topvar Lager


From Slovakia. A strong malty greeting makes one think of germanic pilsners rather than the lagers here but the clean and refreshing finish reminds us to not be so hasty in judgement. Tempting as a sessional, if a little bloating. At $24 a carton at the drive-through across from Ikea, Osborne Park, it represents exceptional value. With a few of these barely matching the cost of the taxi flag-fall and superfluating dressing up and teeth brushing, they are a compelling deal for the single man.


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    Yesturday I bought a can of Topvar 12, opened it, took a sip and I was amazed. I’ve been to supermarket this mornin and there were only 4 cans left. What should I do to purchase it??? Is it available in sufficient quantitity in some network of shops? Please let me know at, if you have some information. Thanx

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