Spiceblog to Japan!


Back (I lived there for seven years) to Japan for a fortnight. I’ll be freelancing in Nobeoka at a takoyaki stall for a week and then to Tokyo for some shopping and feasting. I’ll try get a few posts up but if you tire of blogminder tetsujin28’s head crushing efforts, there’s always Flickr.

Possibly locked in for buying someone a camera, and definitely for pics of vending machines, but if there are any requests let me know. I’m thinking of mercy calls for hard to find albums.



  1. r4kk4’s avatar

    anything and everything!! phooootooos!!

    i’m so jealous! have a great trip!!

  2. Nicole’s avatar

    You offered…..if you stumble across any japanese craft books (small felt creatures made by hand)…only if you happen to be walking down the street and literally trip over one! Have a safe fun trip.

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    phooootooos it is.

    “felt” noun or verb?
    Shouuldn’t be problem, there’ll be a choice of four magazines for either.

  4. pieman’s avatar

    Do they still sell used knickers, day old snot and soiled bed sheets from vending machines? One of each please.

  5. David’s avatar

    It’s a shame you can’t stop over in Korea seeing as it’s right next-door and sample some of the local cuisine. I’m sure you’d be interested in the differences between Japanese and Korean dishes.

    I think a Japanese audience would get a kick out of your cooking demonstrations, especially your sushi making one you displayed at the Blognite a few months ago.

  6. chika’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,


    Have fun, be safe (or rather, make sure people around you are safe)

  7. Santos’s avatar

    oh! photos of disgruntled takoyaki customers, too, please!

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    Dudes I’m in Singapore. They gave me all these free drinks, I watched this French movie and then there was the most beautiful sunset. Hey duty free…

  9. Nabakov’s avatar

    You taking requests?

    How about then the vinyl seven inch of the Classics IV’s “Spooky” or Rose Royce’s “Love Don’t Live here Anymore” but only ‘cos there’s a killer funk song on the b-side.

    Failing that, I’d settle for a small but well-formed LDP pollie. Apparently they already come gift-warpped.

    And how’s Singapore’s Bugis St? Have they succeeded in dirtying it up again? Sorry, silly question.

  10. Le Driver’s avatar

    I sure would like to see a photo of those fabled ‘Used Panties’ vending machines.

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    ooh another airport.

    Re: – talking care for others- yes menace to myself and others.
    Re: takoyaki stand, training tomorrow – up at 3am for freezing waterfall shower then 3 hours of meditation to become the tako.
    Re: Albums – kiler funk B-side you say hey?
    Re: LDP – looking into it and it’ll cost you an expensive expressway bypass in ibaragi-ken.
    Re: Reg grundies – an ancient culture of refined and discrete sensibilities and you want undies?
    I don’t think they’re officially “soiled” but i could alway pop ’em on for an hour or two.

  12. Anonymous’s avatar

    Konnichiwa sensai

    Hope the land of technology is being kinder to you than this computer is to me and your students are genki.

    Atode Denwa shite kudasai

    t xx

  13. Anthony’s avatar

    Why hellooooooo there : )

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