Noodles with Beef and Oyster Sauce

I learnt two things today. Bruce Lee’s original name was a girl’s name in Chinese because his parents had already lost a son and wanted to fool the evil spirits – and this is seeming pretty stupid as I’m typing this but then again he’s the original Boy Named Sue. Anyway he was big on protein and would use raw beef in his smoothies which also seems a pretty stupid story, regardless, his favourite dish was Beef with Oyster Sauce. Quite reasonable no?

My wife who, with her two sisters, happens to have homophonic boy’s names because her father feared evil spirits would take away their car fixing and football playing skills, wanted noodles. Interestingly enough, her Dad is also called Bruce.

Beef: thinly sliced rump marinated in a splash of oil, sesame oil, and soy – purely out of habit

Flavour – one thinly sliced red chilli pepper, a tablespoon or so of ginger, crushed garlic clove and a few thinly sliced white ends of spring onions.

Greens – chopped bok choy

Heat the wok until hot hot, add some peanut (groundnut) oil, added the falvour bits and stir-fried for 30 secinds before adding the beef and stirring until almost cooked.

In went the bok choy for a quick stir and then in went a packet of egg noodles (microwaved for 90 seconds to soften although soaking in a boiling water takes out the oil) with a cup of beef stock. Covered and left for two minutes, then a tablespoon or two of oyster sauce, All stirred and served.