Japan-Ranbo Jidori Restaurant, Nobeoka


Take 3. The post that refuses to post. I’m getting it this time. Jidori chicken shop in Nobeoka. Cooked by placing the meat directly on the coals. Not cooked on coals when raw. Ha! We scoff at salmonella salmonella scares and enjoy our chicken with Akakirishima shou-chu made from a special purple sweet potato. Lovely, moist bouqet with hints of peach. The shops’s kanji translates as “storm boy” but the shop master assures me it’s from the Sylvester Stallone movie. Good for them. We like our shops small, hidden, and excellent.

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  1. Anonymous’s avatar

    Hello Devo

    I hope that you are recovering quickly from the karaoke accident. Cigar in the other hand?
    Down to Bondi today and back to Perth tomorrow. Don’t forget Tanaka sensei on Wednesday

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Heath

    Just a handfull of air. All’s coming along well and fuelled by can coffee and aquarius. Wednesday.

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