Japan – Pat Malone, Lost

lateinshinjukuThe key features of navigation are to know your locations and then work towards your destination.

It’s 2:30am and you’ve been drinking since lunchtime and when you finished up by making up words to Jethro Tull and saying goodbye to the others and setting off on your own because you are independent bar finding man. But the bar you knew wasn’t where you thought it was and when you do find it you’ve seen too many places with men in suits and their head resting on the bar fast asleep and you see your immediate future self and think fuck it and pull the pin and grab a taxi. You know the suburb so you go there and drift off and on as the Taxi takes a few back streets and you’re near and you see the shop that’s next to the road that you walk home to. You get out while the taxi driver asks if this is where you want to get out and then you get your bearings. Mental 360 map around Origin Bento to get back and no road works, there are four possible streets and none of them are it and the narrow squat of two and three story buildings don’t give any line of sight. It wouldn’t be unusual for there to be two Origin Bento shops in a similar area. Start to panic. Tokyo is fine if you know where you are going, but it’s a labyrinth and no standards of north and south work with road curvature. Usual instinct driven place finding instincts just fall away. Lost. Fuck. It’s not a time to be wandering around on the off chance of finding a landmark. You have one point, you try to find another and ask a homeless guy where Meijiro station is. He takes the time to explain it in three different ways. You go straight and turn right and walk. You can work backwards from there. Walking, it’s another Origin Bento, the pieces fall into place, you turn right and you’re on the road to your home while you’re here. There’s a light on at the door and it’s unlocked and there’s still that bottle of duty free whiskey to help wth relief. Pics later, I’m off to bed.



  1. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Getting lost while you’re drunk is one thing, but getting lost while you’re plastered AND in a foreign country…well, I’ll just wait for the photos.

  2. Zoe’s avatar

    arent’ there kindly policeman in little tardises to help with this kind of thing?

  3. Anthony’s avatar


    Plastered. I don’t know any more, at the moment I’m settling for vertical and straightline walking ability as the very height of moderation.

    Yes but I kept hitting my head on the way in.

  4. Mark’s avatar

    That’s a beautiful post, A. Hope your head / hand / back / etc. are feeling better.

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    Thanks Mark. All healed. This was one of the rare times where the story just poured out. Perhaps I need to be drunk, lost and bandaged more often.

    Or maybe not.

    Too often.

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