Lamb Chops with Roasted Layered Vegetables


Not by way of nudge but more food blogging world’s rich tapestry, I just don’t get Sugar High Friday. Fridays press many buttons but not coming home and making sugared treats ones, no, nothing, no feeling, numb, algebra problems maybe, but sugar no. Animal fat. Yes. Friday is nosh.

Starting point was the fridge, as ever. Four lamb chops. Pumpkin and zucchini in the crisper, spuds and onions in the pantry. A vegetable layer thing seemed a good idea so thinly sliced potatoes and pumpkin. Saute thinly sliced onions with garlic, chilli and the zucchini thinly sliced. Made a layer of potato in a baking tin, greased with butter and duck fat, layer again with pumpkin, pour over the saute and layer again with pumpkin and potato. It would dry out in the oven so I placed bacon rashers on the top and covered with foil before putting it in a 180C oven for 40 minutes. Finished uncovered.

The lamb was waiting with some EVOO, pepper, and rosemary. I cooked them gently in EVOO and garlic until they were coloured and put a lid on the frypan to finish, turning off when very rare, and then allowing them to rest.

Onto a plate with the vegetables, big glass of red and it was nice.


Next Morning Postscript: That first paragraph, still seems a bit snarky. Hmmm. Must resolve dessert issues.



  1. Owen’s avatar

    Anthony – I have similar issues – Friday is coming home to a good meal and a beer. We have had an on-and-off regular Friday dinner for some years where three families got together and cooked a BIG dinner – mostly the responsibility of one person but with help and side dishes from others. Desert was always an afterthought. (Or mostly).

    But I keep forgetting that many of these events are designated as post-on dates. In other words, do yer cooking ahead of time, ready yer post ahead of time and push go on the intended day. If I were more organized I could manage that.

    Plus my own Paper Chef thingy is a lot more rigid about how it works than any of the others so who am I to talk/blog/whatever?

    In its defense, the paper chef is restricted because that’s kind of the point of it, but I totally get why it isn’t wholeheartedly embraced.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Owen – a soulmate! Come here and give us a hug. SHF is a rocking good event that cranks out some great looking stuff, it’s just I’m not connecting because of my fixation on what should happen on a Friday. Maybe I need a rethink. You see the Paper Chef is your classic houdini cooking, straightjacket, handcuffs, tank of water, over the Golden Gate Bridge – not for the faint of heart. But the chains that keep me from SHF are within.

  3. apple of my eye’s avatar


    i never make anything that sounds that exciting

    (though my impulsive attempt at coconut-ginger pancakes this morning actually proved delicious)

  4. Anonymous’s avatar

    Mmm Fridays are for consuming large slabs of pizza and bottles of red wine. Really enjoyed re-reading your archive on Friday, it made me very hungry. Will post an entry for the Egg Thang. We had Egg Burger at a friends house, delicious!

    (oh, if you go there, ignore the pasta recipe with broccoli)

  5. Anthony’s avatar


    Ahh not that exciting just making it up as I go along, followed by an adrenaline pumping evening on the sofa with a DVD.

    Panckes sound great.


    good for you, EoMEoTE welcomes you. Eggs burger. Good.

    Couldn’t agree more on pashminas, very overrated.

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