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Meme Update:
Chubby Hubby twists my arm in comments.

OK here we go ahm meme thingy. Post a picture of you cookbooks and answer the following questions that I’ll make up now and ask myself –

1. Rationale behind what we’re seeing?
Sorted by height with mags getting the heave ho into the pantry or “the reading room”. Try to get one general cookbook per genre but can’t resist French and Japanese cookbooks. I’m cheap so I love second-hand books and try to shy away from celebrity books (unless Frank Black were to do one)
2. Most recommended?
Not the wind beneath your wings but will help avoid a lot of novelty specialising – Essentials of Cooking by James Peterson. All you’ll need to know for Western style cuisine.
3. Cookbook that made you what you were?
Le Cordon Bleu at Home. My first cookbook when I was at University. Kind of set a standard while at the same time being completely accessible.
4. Porniest cookbook?
While I do find the Culinaire France highly arousing, it’s also quite functional so not porny. Cold Appetisers gets to be hidden in the heat vent because it’s fabulous and I’ve never actually cooked anything out of it as it’s the master of the unobtainable ingredient.
5. Sophie’s Choice cookbook?
Little blue notebook on the furthest point left with all my scribbly little recipes in it in a time before blogging.
6. If you were a cookbook, which cookbook would you be?
Ha! Twat!

and for Santos
7. If your cookbook we’re extremely valuable, so valuable you might hide it with other valuables, where would that place be?
under the Big W

Hmmm now I feel all demystified. Actually you could just post a pic and we’ll speculate. Whatever. Now ermm meme away, go meme, go!

Flickr pool: check!

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Attention! : This is a self -activating meme. Consider yourself invited.



  1. Stephanie’s avatar

    Is that a cleaver being used as a bookmark? LOL

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    I do get some looks on the bus. : )

  3. Chubby Hubby’s avatar

    Great idea for a meme. You should get all the f-bloggers out there to shoot their cookbook collections. Be nice to see how others store their books (what kind of bookshelves, where in their house the books are kept, etc) as well as how they categorize their book (no order, theme, country, author, etc). :-)

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    You heard the man. Get shooting.

    You could link back wyhen you’ve done it and some chainy thing might happen.

    My books are roughly categorised according to height.

  5. Santos’s avatar

    “f-bloggers”? eff? effing? facking? feck?

    >(what kind of bookshelves, where in their house the books are kept, etc)
    (laughing) it sounds more like you are casing the joint, looking for the dude with the $500 el bulli cookbook….

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    : D

    Santos, when did you start talking like someone from Viz?

    Anyway, not at all casing, looking after cookbooks is important and where you keep it is crucial for this. Like for example jewellery, you don’t want that it to get damaged or dirty when you’re cooking so you put somwhere safe like, well I don’t know, where do you put it? Under the bed? Encased in cookie dough in a roll in the freezer?

  7. Jeanne’s avatar

    Santos – I also thought “huh? F-bloggers??” As in “there are just to many f- bloggers around these days – they’re like flies!!” :P

    Anthony – cool meme. Will be desperately embarassed though when people find out what a piffling little collection I really have…

  8. Anthony’s avatar


    But of course the rest are out on loan to the Smithsonian for the summer…

  9. Santos’s avatar

    is that an emoticon you’ve just typed??

    and ehem, swearing is both big and clever. nyaaaaaa.

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    : ) : D : p @_@ _(__)_ ( o ) ( o )

    Bum! Bugger! Bollocks!

  11. Stephanie’s avatar

    I’m in. I’ll have mine up tonight…

  12. Anthony’s avatar

    Wooooh Stephanie.

    Meme! Meme! Meme! Meme!

  13. Stephanie’s avatar

    My post is up!

  14. Stephanie’s avatar

    I’m all over this… as soon as I find the camera. I think the toddler may have absconded with it!

  15. Anthony’s avatar

    Multiple comments. Mutiple Stephanies. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhwoooooh into the vortex!

    Hope toddler isn’t using it as a hammer or somesuch.

  16. Chubby Hubby’s avatar


    Sorry for the delay. My cookbooks post is up.

  17. Sylvie’s avatar

    I’m in. It’s great to know I’m not out there by myself. Take a look.

  18. Anthony’s avatar

    Great CH and Sylvie.
    CH – no rush, it’s a slow and lazy meme.
    Sylvie – how many foodblogs do you have exactly?

  19. bramble’s avatar

    Hope you don’t mind me joining in. I don’t have a food blog per se, but occasionally post about food. My cookbook collection has now been recorded here, and I’ll be posting the photo to your Flickr group shortly.

  20. Anthony’s avatar

    Oh of course you can join in, we’re very inclusive aroud these parts. Nice to have you in on this.

  21. Sylvie’s avatar

    Two (2), and?

  22. Anthony’s avatar

    I counted three.

    We will be performing an audit next week on your blogs, could you have the necessary documentation ready to epxedite proceedings.

    You will be contacted regarding time.

  23. Sylvie’s avatar

    Guilty of three, only two are food related. The third would only be of interest if you’re a JCAHO surveyor. Hope not.

  24. Anthony’s avatar

    Ha! I knew it! Kinda.

    No just a sticky beak.

  25. bramble’s avatar

    Thanks for the great meme and mention. Seeing everybody else’s collection makes me feel a little better about the number of books I have (but also makes me want more, more, more!).

  26. Andrew’s avatar

    Tiz a little quiet in South O today so have found time to join in.

  27. Sam’s avatar

    me me me 2
    i want to do this
    it maybe quite some days before i get round to it
    will you wait for me?

  28. Anthony’s avatar

    Bramble – no worries, credits again for Chubby Hubby though. Go get some.

    Andrew – welcome aboard, nice to see another second hand book buyer.

    Sam –

    At your leisure please
    We will still be here
    Besides what are days compared to all eternity?
    Use the time you have

  29. Anthony’s avatar

    Arghh viral

  30. the Kitchen Queens’s avatar

    The Kitchenqueens join the fun:

    Cookbooks galore

    Great questions, thnx!

  31. Anthony’s avatar

    Great answers

  32. paul’s avatar

    I hope I’m not the last one in. Hate being the rotten egg.

  33. Lyn’s avatar

    Clearly. I am the rotten egg. I am so slack. I’ll put one up tonight.

  34. Anthony’s avatar

    Don’t panic people, one thing I learnt from track days is you’re never last (except the last person, but I think they hire someone to dawdle around)
    You get books! And I know about the “were” in question three. Santos and I thought it was some subconscious comment on mortality or something.
    Pop back when you do.

  35. kitchenmage’s avatar

    My very first meme! A kitchenmage’s spellbooks

  36. lyn’s avatar

    Don’t know why my whole URL didn’t post, but here it is again


  37. Anthony’s avatar


    Cheers all. Meme on!

  38. Jennifer’s avatar

    I’ve just been tagged! Thanks for the dose of fun Anthony!

  39. petula’s avatar

    oh yes, I’m a cookbook addict!!!
    graet idea!!!

  40. Anthony’s avatar

    You’re very welcome. Glad you enjoyed it.
    A tattoo of a cobra on your back?
    woah! that just rocks.

  41. Rachael’s avatar

    I loved the questions, (even if my answers made me a touch sad…youll have to see my post for why) thanks for a great meme!

  42. Michael B’s avatar

    My run at it. Thanks for the idea. I perhaps hadn’t glanced through all the treasures sitting on that shelf in a while. It was hard singling out a few.

  43. Ana’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,
    I did not realize you were keeping tabs on this meme. I found it out because someone else tagged you for the 5-Cookbook Meme, which I’m keeping tabs on. Mmmm! Aren’t we drowning on cookbooks? Anyway, here is my entry:

  44. penis enlargement’s avatar

    I agree with you the way you view the issue. I remember Jack London once said everything positive has a negative side; everything negative has positive side. It is also interesting to see different viewpoints & learn useful things in the discussion.

  45. NonToxic Chuck’s avatar

    I just have the good old Betty Crocker, red checkerboard book and it works great. Some of the recipes are getting dated, but it works.

    But I lost my appetite at the back tattoo comment. Blech.

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