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cappuccino frother

Well anyway thanks to gift bearing Doctor Anonymous and the good people of Spiriva®, the weekend, well we call Thursday weekend’s-eve here, began with a new Spiriva® cappuccino frother. Do they work? Do they! Arrivederci steam power. Down to the local Indian/Pakistani restaurant the Royal Shalimar to celebrate the latest addition to our kitchen range and found it mad tasty good value in an often overpriced restaurant genre. Do you know what’s funny, they call them chillies but they’re hot. What a language! Subcontinental dance music up nice and loud and the cosy atmosphere is great for imposing my conversation on people. Washed down with Italian Nastro Azzurro beer which is Italian but tastes like a Czech Corona. Finished the evening with cappuccino.
Friday arvo meant the Queens in Mt Lawley for a work related morale booster. Party of one but tried a new Matilda Bay Ale and did some furious doodling. Saturday brekky was eggs on toast with haloumi cheese cooked in chillies and garlic with a cappucino. Yum. Afternoon baking was Katherine Hepburne Brownies. Why are they Katherine Hepburn brownies? Because the secret ingredient is, get this,…….walnuts! I added a couple more secret ingredients with the recipe to be passed on to Liz Smith in the event of my death. Uh ah – ain’t telling, you’ll have to kill me – literally! A plentiful supply is guaranteed through the winter thanks to Ask Santos and her freezing tips from toasty Guam.
Sunday was Mothers Day. I found out my sister and my mum aren’t talking and my Dad nearly put his head through the windscreen of the Landcruiser. My family! Anyhoo took my Mum to Leaf in Cottesloe Napoleon Street cafe where Mum, Toni, and I had the Parisian Rose Tea Set. The snacks came out like a great chain of being with lowly cucumber sandwiches on the bottom, savoury smoked salmon snacks and mini-quiches above, topped by heart-shaped cup cakes and tiers, to be trumped by turkish delights and strawberries on the top. Did I say Chain of Being? I meant Tower of Babel. With food. Not talking to each other obviously. The food not my Mum and my sister. Don’t know what’s going on there. Well anyway lovely, but all the pink made me woozy and the sweet rose tea made me want to rinse my mouth out with frothy home made cappuccino. What was that? The telephone.
Why hello Robbie? Little Creatures Brewery? I’d be delighted. Off we went with each wheel of the Subaru Legacy tenaciously gripping the tarmac while at the same time thrusting us forward. For a Sunday it certainly lived up to it’s name and that’s not just because it has 24 hours, it was also “Sunny. So I had a Pilsner but then felt guilty because Graham told me that no-one could drink it after they had had a Pale Ale and I had had one before so I thought I’d better have one then and I did and could relax and enjoy the band and Ken’s kilt. I love kilts but then again I love everything Scottish, even haggis. I’m mad I am. Don’t get me started about that Ewan McGregor. Oh yeah the band, they were great. Just goes to show you don’t need a lead singer and a guitarist, just impressive organ work. Ooo er Mrs Slocombe. And then the sun set and it was time for home and isn’t it great to be in city where you can still be impressed by a large orange container ship. Some places they’d be all blasé. Not here.

leaf cake tower leaf teapot little creatures band



  1. Santos’s avatar

    holy crap, son, maybe your cappuccinos should make like katherine hepburn: LESSBEANS!!!

  2. Stephanie’s avatar

    My in-laws have one of those things…they’re so neat!

    Too bad we don’t drink coffee…

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    No way! I actually make like Spencer Tracy, unadulterated (cough).
    (Hey! I wear slacks, how come I’m not an icon?)
    Well you don’t have to drink it, you can just admire its frothy goodness (or alternatively it would make a wicked depilator)

  4. Santos’s avatar

    yes way, totally, and tracy totally adulterated with her throughout his marriage.

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    Tsk. I simply find it hard to accept anybody in charge of Boys Town would be up to any shenanigans.

    [mindful of cast-iron frying pan, the editor should also clarify that he was referring to his coffees, not Spencer Tracy style philandering]

  6. teddles_russ’s avatar

    Spiriva is also a drug used as an inhaled reliever or something for certain respiratory diseases, which made me wonder just *what* kind of weekend activities you indulge in.

    BTW Little Creatures rocks, the pale ale is fine but I had two pils afterwards and didn’t get struck by lightning or anything. Was there Saturday which was also a sunnyday, missed each other by *that* much…

  7. Anthony’s avatar


    Exercise and home renovation Ted, makes a man of me! Just the frother, not the drugs.

    Little Creatures is the best and it’s a big shed. What does this say for other places? Pils is getting good and it’s a work in progress apparently but Graham has awesome beer authority. Alpha Pale ales at the monkey tonight, shame you can’t wangle it.

  8. Anthony’s avatar


    You can always visit and shouldn’t you be studying.

    I think I’ve got more chance of being Yootha Joyce. George! What I really need is a stream of conscientiousness so I could actually get some things done. Biorhythms are peaking on nonsense at the moment.

  9. shinanos’s avatar

    Mmm, your cappucino cup’s charactor “ポロリン” reminds me of junior-highschool days…!
    My friend having a tote-bag of it though… a bit nostalgic to me :)

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    Where do cute Japanese characters go after they die?

  11. Santos’s avatar

    american network television.

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