Cajun Snapper

cajun snapper

Sorry. I’ve been neglecting my midweek easy meals. This one was cake. A pan sized snapper scaled and gutted at the fish shop. Make diagonal slashes across the fish at half inch intervals. Rub each side with at least a tablespoon of cajun spices, making sure to rub some into the slashes. Leave for an hour, place some lime slices in the cavity. Get the pan as hot as you can and cook quickly on both sides. Had with sweet potato roasted in foil with EVOO, sea salt, and tabasco.

Very enjoyable just picking at it. Make a fish stock when you’re done.



  1. Santos’s avatar

    just picking at it? seems a little…unwieldy for that. but it does sound tasty.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Nah it’s only about a foot from end to end and the slashes make it easy to get a nice sized pieced.

    The skin was the best but it was hard to get a balance of doneness without any heat coming from the inside.

  3. deborah’s avatar

    Love snapper, and teaming it with sweet potato. Well that’s just genius. Will definitely try this out.

  4. David’s avatar

    Does the fish actually cook inside? Or do you deep fry the fish?

    It looks and sounds fantastic.

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    More serendipity but they did go well together.

    Yes, after a while. I got away with it because it was quite a small snapper so the heat could penetrate without drying out the outside too much. A larger one wouldn’t work but it’d be nice to try with some tailor.

  6. Santos’s avatar

    at the gumbo pot in la’s farmer’s market you have the option of getting your blackened or reddened snapper with a salad of grated raw sweet potatoes. personally i found it a little too raw, but maybe you can improve on it.

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    It did coincidentally cross my mind but that raw starchiness ewww teeth on edginess. Be better off roasting thin slices and letting them cool. Oh yum.

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    And yes it was sweeter. Bad microwave bad.

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