Monsieur Camembert


Hey are Monsieur Camembert any good? Should I go and see them at the The Fly By Night Club? Is anyone else going?

! In spite of the mesmerising involvement of an accordionist, I felt more Rabbi Bagel than Monsiuer Camembert. Apparently gypsy tunes but to my untrained ear I could have sworn Hava Nagila got a hammering a few times but the again I was busy poohpoohing art ideas. Speaking of weddings, what’s with the plastic outdoor wedding chairs at the Fly By Night Club? Felt like a school parent’s night.


  1. Zoe’s avatar

    Yes, they are. Yes, you should. Not that they’ve told me.

  2. deborah’s avatar

    I’ve herd their stuff on the radio, and I liked what I heard. Either way, I think it would be a nice way to spend the evening. Maybe you could take some snaps?

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey you’ve busted outta hiatus. Will do I think then and will make a list people there so you can cross check it for possible bastards that go to things without telling you.

    Better still, a second opinion. It is then and I’ll take my camera and see if I can break last Friday’s record of 75 pics.

  4. FXH’s avatar

    Only heard ’em on radio – I’d be going based on what I heard.

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    Three wise kings from the East.

    That’s it I’m off!

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