Some Very Special Book Related Announcements

Multi-headed Pacific food goddess Santos has a further incarnation as The Cookbook Exchange and is sharing the genius. Head over and you can swap books that just ain’t you and swap ’em for something else with someone else. Different strokes folks. You can do cookbook reviews too. Capital Letters! Join us before we join you.


———–And now a spiceblog promotion———-

Not the same is it?

book bed

There’s anemptiness isn’t there, as you leave the pixelated glow that lights your face? But imagine spiceblog there in your hands, with you as you fall asleep and still there when you wake-up, right where you left it saying hi there sleepy-head before you go with it to a cafe for coffee and a pan au chocolat to the envious gaze of strangers. Owen Linderholm has lovingly put some fine choice cuts of spiceblog in his new book Digital Dish. Not only here’s, but there are 23 other better food bloggers from around the world like Cook sister! to keep you company through the seasons. With you. Anywhere. Always. Just click on the buttons under the Digital Dish logo on the right.

digital dish


  1. Nicole’s avatar

    Congrats! You were quiet about this!! I’ve just bought mine, so 20c royalty towards your next cooking utensil. :P

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey you star for buying one. When you get it let me know and we can have a book signing at mine.

  3. Manas’s avatar

    Will have to get one. Which spiceblog recipes made it in?

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Why they were… heyyyyyyyy wait a minute!

    More interesting than your Contract Law textbook or your money back.

  5. Manas’s avatar

    “more interesting than your contract law book” – well let’s be honest, now, that wouldn’t be hard, would it?

    Though having said that, contract law is not too bad, you get all sorts of old cases, like the one about ‘carbolic smoke balls’ – cures all ailments don’t you know?

    It’s remedies that’s the killer. I have never in my life been so bored as when forced to research an essay on common law damages.

    (ew – law speak! Can’t seem to help myself these days…)

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Ooh carbolic smoke balls, even I vaguely remember the case from the distant days of Business Law 10something. That and the snail in the bottle thingy.

  7. Jeanne’s avatar

    OMG, is the Carlill v Carbolic Smoke case compulsory reading in every English-speaking juridiction?? I used to teach it to my Marketing students in South Africa!! Hahahah – small world, the legal one…

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    Ahh the Carlill v Carbolic Smoke cae who can forget the thing with that thing about the ahmm anyway snails.

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