EoMEoTE #7 – Egg of Greg

egg of greg

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Unrelated: Crying, while eating (thank you bright young Mark).

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    よかったねありがとう! あとでラメン

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    mmm baked beans for breakie. where is your lyrical prose?

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    It’s hidden somewhere in this post.

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    HA! What happened to Nantucket, stinky?

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    oh yeah. Bloody Jehova Witnesses.

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    Anthony, your poem is brilliant. I can’t breathe!! (and it wasn’t the beans)


    P.S. Please stop making me laugh so that I spit coffee onto the monitor.

    P.P.S. Well hidden indeed! I had to go into the sourcecode to see the complete poem (my stupid computer truncated your composition)

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    Hi Elizabeth

    I pretend to be all sonnets but I’m limericks at heart. Sorry about you monitor. Imagine if you’d been drinking paint or something.

    And very well done on solvong the puzzle, it trucates in all browsers so the only way to read it was by viewing the source code. I salute you for your perseverance.

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    Management: all spammy comments will be removed.

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    Clearly, perseverence is my second name. Who else would actually write a sonnet?? And it is rather obvious that I am not a sonnet person either.

    I am really sad that I missed out on the haiku version. I feel sure I would have managed an egg-worthy one and perhaps even thrown in a cherry blossom or willow reference.

    Why on earth would I be drinking paint?? Paint thinner, maybe, but Paint? How unsavoury.


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    Not at all Elizabeth the sonnet honked! (which means marvellous I think) but the abbaabba rhyme scheme reminded me of abacab and then to Phil Collins and so I felt all dizzy. Mention of “the patio” made me think of the Smiths which made me swoon but if it’s not sonnets next time perhaps we could all post to a Smith’s song.

    The haiku may come around again but not before we’ve done sea shanties.

    Well yes of course paint thinner, I like to put some on my hankerchief before I head out but since they’ve stopped selling me chrome paint spray cans I’ve been forced to drinking it and then spraying it in the air in an attempt to inhale the fumes. Should never have banned opium for poets I say.

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    しなの :-)

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    この目玉焼のおいしさはわからない.たべなかった グレグさんの


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    To the tune of “How Soon is Now?”:

    I am the chicken
    and the egg
    of a toughness that is really unappetizing
    I am the chicken and the egg
    Oh, of the drama in my kitchen

    You shut your mouth
    How can you say
    I make egg & toast the wrong way ?
    They are easy & they are cheep
    Just like everybody says about me.

    oh, oh….

    There’s a kitchen, if you’d like to go
    You could cook something that really tastes good
    So you go, and you stand at the sink
    And you look in the fridge
    And you have a beer, and you cry
    ‘cuz you wanted wine.

    When you say that you’ll cook them now
    Well, how exactly do you mean?
    See, it’s already gone all Pete Tong
    And all my eggs are gone.

    oh, oh…

    You shut your mouth
    How can you say
    I make egg & toast the wrong way ?
    They are easy & they are cheep
    Just like everybody says about me.

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    Oh my god. Moira is the queen of everything. I want to marry her at least twice. so. freaking. clever. I can’t stand it.

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    Yay! A spiceblog same-sex wedding!Take that bigots!

    Ah yes

    “You Handsome Devilled”

    All the shelves are crammed with things
    Eager to be made
    I know what eggs are for
    And I’d like mine freshly laid
    You ask for soft boiled
    But I sense something hard
    Some silky mayonnaise
    And a teaspoon of mustard

    Let me get my whisk
    On your amniotic disk
    And let me have a bite
    Of the albumin white

    I crack the egg
    and you beg
    But you deserve it
    You deserve it

    The parsley green
    and the yellowy sauce
    So much more than an entree course
    Oh you handsome devilled

    Let me get my whisk
    On your amniotic disk
    And let me have a bite
    Of the albumin white

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    Daaaaaamn, sucka…you is baaaaaad. Now I really have to get my thinking cap on!

    Lyn, you are too funny, missy…I’m glad you liked my rendition!

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    A truce! A truce! I’ll throw a rod or something.

  20. Moira’s avatar

    Well o.k.,if you’re not up to it….


  21. Anthony’s avatar

    Well to tell the truth, it was you I was worried about.

    Next month, Lyrical Cage Match Ahoy!

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    More like a cast…I broke my wrist when I fell over laughing.

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    Moira!!! (ai yai yai times ten to the power of infinity) I am away from the computer for two days and what happens!!???

    Anthony, I’m still reeling that absinthe is illegal. (My sonnet honks?? Whoohoooooooo!!!)


    P.S. Damn, I’m feeling inadequate now. I guess that a Bessy Smith song is not what was meant by “Smith” song… (I’ve heard of Phil Collins though).

    P.P.S. THat’s it. I’m going to have to go cold turkey with this keyboard until my eyes clear and my breathing regulates. (I really wish you guys would stop making me laugh – I’m a very serious person, you know.)

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    I hear absynthe makes the heart grow fonder.

    Ah good that’s stopped the laughter.

    You should see my sides.

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