Yallingup Woodfired Bread

Yallingup bread scales

It amazes me how something as fundamental and important as bread could be so widespreadly crap. It’s as if the miracle that is television were filled with shite programmes that were there just to give us the stingiest tweak of what in, a time of heroes, might be regarded as entertainment. I am inspired and I would now like to officially build up the hopes of candlemakers out there that they are next on the list for my affections.

Yallingup bread oven

The bread is great, the simple breadmaking principles are sound and I’m sure the German baker there knows an extremely long German word that translates as: the possibility of creating an excellent product in accordance with one’s principles and enjoying it, but I didn’t ask. I wish I knew what it was. I would use it often.Much to nod your head at here. They don’t bake at night because it’s not worth it. The wheat is stone milled (in Corrigin!). The rye bread eschews the use of wheat for pliability. Inside, the natural light was filtering through, the smell of flour was everywheree, and the jarrah fired volcanic stone bread ovens were glowing for the afternoon. We may have to reconsider how “best” a thing sliced bread really was.

yallingup bread shelves

Special place, great bread. I bought two of the last few loaves. The rye was topped with boiled free-range eggs and some mashed avacado and served as an impromptu snack. The white “wave” loaf was had with ostrich pate and also used to soak up the gravy from the venison knuckle stew I made. More on that soon.

Yallingup Woodfired Bread is on the corner of Biddles and MacLachlan Road, Dunsbororough and word has it, is that it’ll be available at the Freo markets soon.

Yallingup bread baker

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  1. pieman’s avatar

    Use yours and show us a picture.

  2. Anthony’s avatar


  3. Lex Culinaria’s avatar

    Perhaps “braised venison” is better?

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Bambi knuckle daube?

  5. pieman’s avatar

    Use your loaf and show us a picture of the loaf. I was testing you cryptically. I failed and for that I apologise.

  6. bramble’s avatar

    Vorsprung durch Brot

  7. Anthony’s avatar


    My fault entirely. I’m rubbish at other people’s cryptic – innuendo filters too strong and I didn’t take a a picture of the bread “could’t take a picture of a loaf in a bakery” etc.

    I like it.

  8. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Venison knuckles stew? Ostrich pate? What will they think of next. Can’t wait for the pics. =P

    Food sounds interesting, and me, I’m always interested in a loaf of freshly baked bread. It’s the one thing that I haven’t made in ages.

  9. Ben’s avatar

    I agree totally. I travel 20 mins each way on a Sunday morning to get my hallowed loaf of sourdough from a decent bakery.

    In New Zealand it seems all the ‘exotic’ loafs are just the exact same dough cooked in a different shape.

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    Welcome back! Word on the street is “horse manure pie” – you heard it from me. Last time I made bread was around when Kurt Cobain shot himself. Not that I’m saying the two are in any way related.
    It’s a three hour each-way drive from mine so I’m not that dedicated I guess. I compensate by making pancakes or smothering my toast with bacon to hide the taste.
    Ha! on the exotic loaves, reminds me of Japanese “special season beers”.

  11. Barbara’s avatar

    I discovered this bread a couple of years ago on a visit to Augusta. I bought the bread in a shop in Margaret River and so was impressed I convinced the family we should drive to Yallingup to get more (visiting a few wineries on the way of course).

  12. Barbara’s avatar

    Ooops – should read “was so”

  13. Anthony’s avatar

    I might have found it in a similar way myself. The other times I’ve been there though no-one was there, just some bread and a basket to put your money in.

    I think the “so was impressed” works in a kind of valley girl way.

  14. kath red’s avatar

    mmmmmmm nothing better than wood fired bread. my hubby makes us some every weekend and it sure beats the hell out of that store bought crap.
    my hubby can be found at handyprojects.blogspot.com with his mud oven baking extravaganzas.

  15. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey that’s great Aussie food blogs popping up everywhere. Something on this very soon.

  16. andrea’s avatar

    these breads are also delivered daily by the baker to jones fine foods in Margaret River main street(next to Dome)mmmmmmmmm!

  17. lawny’s avatar

    lucky to sample with breakfast at “bunkers” cafe, Bunker Bay; excellent food and service. Was able to buy loaves at Yallingup General Store to bring home. Fantastic bread and am hoping to be able to source closer to Perth but worth the drive.

  18. roland’s avatar

    best bread on the continent!
    hard to beat.
    lucky me, i’m so close to a bakery
    making this kind of bread

    kind regards to Gotthard & Marion
    and not to be forgotten Santana the baker abd incredible surfer:-)

    1. Anthony’s avatar

      It is pretty hard to beat. Gotthard’s a gem.

    2. Bec’s avatar

      You can also buy this yum bread from Absolutely Organic in Gwellup. lucky me! :)

    3. Friedemann Wuttke’s avatar


      can you give me the e-mail adress of

      Yallingup Woodfired Bakery

      Thanks in advance, yours

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