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hokkaido volcanic eggs

Much like Jazz, the End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza has risen from innuendo laced and booze soaked origins and into the milieu of the cultural elite. The salons will be abuzz. Going where the earthbound creators of real eggs could never go, EoMEoTE creator Jeanne has used her wings and soared. To my agog astonishment, she has presented all 28 entries for the The EoMEoTE#7 round-up in the language of poets, verse. It is stupendous.

And with an easy-over moreover, I’m very happy to announce effortlessly classy Viv of Seattle Bon Vivant is hosting Is My Blog Burning No. 16 and is in love with, eggs!

Step up the egg.


  1. Jeanne’s avatar

    Aaah, Spicey, I think we can safely say our work here is done. Eggs have truly conquered the blogosphere!! The world is our oyster… sorry – nest!! :-D

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    The time of man is over, the time of egg may begin

  3. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    I had a volcano-cooked egg last month. I ate it with some salt.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Somewhere in Indonesia?

    It kind of amazes me that there’s this incredible geological power and it’s used for cooking eggs. Reminds me of somebody describing a nuclear power plant as a glorified kettle.

  5. Stephanie’s avatar

    I really want to do this! Sometime! (Perhaps before the end of the year.)

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Do you know where there’s a good volcano?

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    Egg raiid on Mojo by the Beasties but we like the needle line.

  8. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    Why not add something to this long forgotten post?
    My egg was cooked at Bukit Kasih, which is a seismically active and stinky zone in North Sulawesi. Bukit Kasih also has some brand new churches, a mosque, and Buddhist and Hindu temples, in order to foster religious tolerance in some way that I don’t quite understand. There are few tourists and many hat sellers and egg boilers.
    I also ate some dog and bat but didn’t take any pictures. The bat tasted like chicken. The dog tasted like dog.
    Now I’m in London, where people mostly eat Nigella Lawson.

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