Cirripeds Fish and Chips

fish and chips

For those away from Fish and Chip shops, I hope this picture brings you some vicarious joy. Just imagine me having a couple of cheeky hot chips or a squid ring before breaking off the end of the fish and stuffing it my mouth. Then deciding whether to have the fish and the batter together of deal with them separately. What you see here is cobbler and some squid rings with salt and vinegar and some of the shop’s tasty lime tartare sauce. Missing is the deep fried pineapple ring with cinnamon on it. It’s from my fave local fish and chip shop, Cirripeds. They wear the gourmet tag nicely by doing their food well without sellout lillygilding or tumbling into overpriced wankery. They became more of my fave by rightly chiding my outfit for being “busy” – yellow checked lumberjack coat grabbed on the way out over green and orange checked shirt. And by offering to lend me an umbrella – for the rain, not to shield passerbys from the glare of plaid. Oh and cirrepeds is fancy talk for barnacles.

Cirripeds Gourmet Fish & Chips: 38A Grantham Street, Wembley (08) 9387 1702


  1. FXH’s avatar

    busy? – obviously they are diplomats

  2. Robert’s avatar

    You really are picking on Anthony today, aren’t you, FX?


  3. bramble’s avatar

    Wow, squid rings and pineapple rings? Those are much better options than what we get in Edinburgh. Here, we can choose between the culinary delights of “salt and vinegar” or “salt and sauce” (salt and yet more salt).

  4. Moira’s avatar

    Ha! I was just going to say the same thing as bramble…looks way better than any chippie around us has to offer.

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    Gareth Evans would have said regrettable. Alexander, well we all know about batter.

    Ahh it’s a rough and tumble world is politics blogs.

    Bramble and Moira
    Cirrpeds live in happy place between disgruntled salt and vinegar dives owned by redhaired racist harridans and places who wish fish and chips weren’t like fish and chips but with nice salads. They batter, they grill, they have lemon pepper, do crab sticks and make their own pickled veges. I like.

  6. deborah’s avatar

    This place sounds lovely – what, with the critique of fashion and the umbrella. Who wants soggy chips on the way home.

    Since seeing this lovely photograph on flickr dot com – I’ve had a strong craving for fish’n chips. I want mine like yours, wrapped in paper and I’ll take the fish and batter together thank you – with lots of squirts of lemon and salt too.

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    It’s a simple place but they do run well with it. Very chatty, was constantly distracted from my 3yo copy of National Geographic

  8. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Tasty looking fish and chips. You definitely got a bonus with the squid and pineapple. If I ever make it to Perth, I’m eating there.

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    They were good, best to pick them up from there and eat them somewhere else, like the beach or you could try your luck at Lake Monger with the vicious packs of black swans.

  10. Owen’s avatar

    If we had any fish and chips that would be an improvement. It seems to be one of the culinary blanks that the Bay Area just doesn’t get. Like beer or dodgy doner kebab. I would have included Indian food in that assessment up until the last year or two and even now it’s dodgy. Gawd I miss me some fish and chips.

    I used to work until 11:45 at a bookstore on Shaftesbury Avenue in London and had to hop it to make the last train home at midnight from Waterloo. I did my best to hop it and stop at the chippy under the arches opposite the embankment tube and grab me a battered and fried cod roe with chips and a pickled onion on the way. All I wanted beyond that was a pint. Sadly not to be at that time and place. Then I sat back in splendor on the train and stuffed my face, the fumes either driving people away or attracting them depending on circumstance. And your place STILL sounds better…

  11. Anthony’s avatar


    Late night stodge is a great thing and is popular with cultures, like Anglo Saxon one’s, where drinking and eating have become separate activities. There are nights when I’d murder a man for the dodgy meat combo that is a doner kebab. It’s a terrible shame they don’t serve pints on trains, it would be ideal.

  12. Reid’s avatar


    Lake Monger? Vicious swans? Let ’em at me. I’ll show them a thing or two, or three…

  13. Anthony’s avatar

    Up and at ’em Reid. Avenge my childhood trauma!

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