Omnivoribus Australis


You wouldn’t believe the number of emails I get each day with questions like Do you have cutlery in Australia? and If you’re in the Southern hemisphere, how come the food doesn’t fall out of your saucepans? So as a kind of ambassadorial info counter, Saffron and I have been having a chat about getting some Australian food and drink posts in one place as a tasty sample of what’s here. And there are lots -I can’t keep track of them all but AG‘s having a stab at it with the Australian Food Bloggers Ring.

One day, once a month, you send in your suitablest post for the last month and they all get put together in one place for a good look over by others. So, if you are an Australian food/ wine blogger, or know one, spread the word to keep an eye out over at Writing On A Paper Napkin for guidelines and stuff on submissions. Don’t let us leave you you crying when there’s room on our horses for two? No.

And I’m thinking also New Zealand, if they don’t mind coming in under the Australis tag, just for the reason that they’re cooler than us.

example 1: Aus v NZ
example 2: Aus v.NZ
example 3: Aus v NZ


  1. Clare Eats’s avatar

    Ooh, Sounds like fun :)
    What day of the month? Hopefully not to close to the weekend with SHF & IMBB.

  2. Anthony’s avatar


    Not too much fun, mind.

    It is a bit busy in the weeks either side of the month’s end. So maybe in the second week and have it for the past month rather than calender month or something.

  3. deborah’s avatar

    Noice one.

  4. Anthony’s avatar


  5. Anonymous’s avatar

    Aussie Food Ring
    well anthony you have just about covered australian queasine completely already, what with recent posts of fish and chips and meat pies theres not much left for the ring ( with of course the notable exception of chico rolls, which no doubt you will cover soon )””””””””””””””

  6. Lex Culinaria’s avatar


  7. Lex Culinaria’s avatar


    Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Spicey. Happy Birthday to you. Hip hip hooray!

    I made a birthday cake in your honour with sparkly dusting powder and everything.

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    If we look for that which we expect, how can we see that which is not?

    Woooooooo! You’re great.
    As is sparkly dusting powder.

  9. Anonymous’s avatar

    so… its chico rolls then, I can hardly wait

  10. pinkcocoa’s avatar

    hiya anthony
    this sounds like fun :) Count me in. When do i send in the entry?

  11. Anthony’s avatar


    Not until the end of this month but keep an eye out for future announcements.

  12. 2-minute Noodle Cook’s avatar

    I just started blogging and still finding my way around with who’s who’s in food blogging from downunder. Where do sandgroppers go???? Can’t cook too well, but good with computing remastering of botched up attempts…. I’ve got a blog going on setting up a pretend electronic restaurant, along the line of My Restaurant Rules. Maybe I can submit a mishap for a bit of a laugh?

  13. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey you’re in WA. Farrrrk that means I’ve now got the second best food blog in Western Australia.

    Whatever you like, I think mistakes are a very noble thing to post. Saffy’s got the the goodies.

  14. Barbara’s avatar

    I’d like to be involved as I get a bit lonely being the sole food/wine blogger in Auckland. I grew up in Margaret River so I guess I qualify!

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