Happy Birthdayuh to me ayeah wooh

guitar Wooh it’s my birthday. Look what I got from Toni. And! she took me to The Loose Box (Perth people go ooooh, rest of you – best French restaurant/restaurant in Perth by most accounts) last night. Lucky duck. More later, gotta put my casserole on. Hmmmm podcasts?

dessert Loose Box! Why can’t Perth people dress up? You wear pants, and a shirt that you tuck in, and you can even knock yourself out with a matching jacket. It’s called a suit. Not like I’m expecting Windsor knots. Cocktails before dinner, not rum and cokes during. Dinner was ace. Had the vichyssoise, the the pigs trotters in a kind of terrine casing, duck confit, with a pudding to finish. Toni had the venison with red wine, chocolate and pear (refuses to answer if my vension was better, hmmm) . Washed down with a nice bottle of Beaujolais and a Tasmanian sticky. They make great bread rolls too.

partyAnd thank you all for the fabulous casseroles Saturday night.




  1. tokyo goat’s avatar

    weeee!! Happy Birthday. it’s funny. I dusted my own guitar off today and started warming up but I wasn’t sure why…..now I know.

  2. Moira’s avatar

    Niiiice prezzie! Happy birthday, Anthony…I hope you have a great day, now that you’re finally old enough to drink legally. Nyuck, nyuck.

  3. Anthony’s avatar


    A ripple in the rock continuum. [devil signs]

    Well you’re far enough away for it to be nice. Pity my neigbours. Legally is long gone, maybe I could give sensibly a go.


  4. Reid’s avatar

    Hey Anthony,

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a good one! Don’t worry, you’re still younger than me right? hehe. =P

  5. tokyo goat’s avatar

    have to get a Billy Bragg song book next.

  6. shina’s avatar

    Wow, happy birthday Anthony san!
    おめでとうございます! :-)

  7. tokyo goat’s avatar

    or better still the go-betweens

  8. Santos’s avatar

    happy birthday! i got a ukulele a few years ago for mine, you’ve just reminded me of it. obviously i never learned to play. but if tokyogoat could transcribe the go-betweens’ “tallulah” album for ukulele, i’m all for it.

  9. bramble’s avatar

    [chant on] podcast! podcast! [chant off]

    Happy Birthday, Anthony!

  10. The Daily Magnet’s avatar

    Congratulations Anthony for your special day, I do hope that it was very happy. Cheers and enjoy your new guitar.

  11. Stephanie’s avatar

    Well, many happy returns!

    If I’d known, I’d have baked a cake…

  12. Sam’s avatar

    Birthdays are the best
    Enjoy being spoilt and the next morning have eggs on toast for brekkie

  13. Lex Culinaria’s avatar

    Happy Birthday again Spicey, the cake was pretty good. Come see for yourself.


  14. Sam’s avatar

    ha ha, maybe we should all jet up to Canada for a slice

  15. Santos’s avatar

    >gotta put my casserole on

    is that the spiceblog equiv. of getting your freak on?

  16. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey all. Cheers and thanks. Anyone for some leftover spam casserole? Got plenty.

    Thanks for the cake offers, cakes, cake eating offers, age relatising, and once I nail “Little Brown Jug”, it’s going to be go betweens simulcast wig out.

  17. Lex Culinaria’s avatar

    …is that… a turd under your chair?

  18. teddles_russ’s avatar

    Happy Birthday!

    If you enjoyed the Box perhaps you’d enjoy a wind-down experience which I think is every bit as good, try the Mediterranean Kitchen for a meal one day. I figure it was the best meal at a restaurant ever.

    Maybe organise it as a thank-you for the cheerleader gal?

  19. Lord Sedgwick’s avatar

    Well done young fella me baster and drizzler.

    Birthday, birthday as fast as you can you can’t catch me I’m the really old ginger bred man.

  20. Anthony’s avatar

    No, just sounds like it.

    Your opinions good for me, and a nice plan.

    Your Lordship
    Many thanks and I’ll huff and I’ll puff… no wait wrong one.

  21. Stephanie’s avatar

    Happy (belated) Birthday Anthony!

  22. Anonymous’s avatar

    Thanks for making the journey today, overcoming the effects of the heavily laced casseroles from yube. Zai spent the afternoon kicking the balloons all over.
    Happy birthday to you too!

  23. chef 'em out’s avatar

    Sure as hell does look like a turd.

  24. Sam’s avatar

    Hey – we should stop this conversation now before Ms Lex C gets another idea for a cake.

  25. Pim’s avatar

    Happy happy birthday Anthony.

    Trotter? yummm.

  26. keiko’s avatar

    Anthony – I’m glad you had a great time, happy belated birthday!

  27. FXH’s avatar

    The Loose Box for birthday? I’m speechless. Carry on Mrs Slocum.

  28. Helen (AugustusGloop)’s avatar

    Happy Birthday Anthony!

    Hope you got your spice on!

  29. deborah’s avatar

    Sounds like a fabulous meal Anthony. Hope these continue for years to come.

    Did you dress up?

  30. Anthony’s avatar

    No worries, I wasn’t in the most sociable of states but was glad I could rouse the kids into an “ow” every time the elmo and cooki cake got sliced.
    It’s shinola
    Most prudent (or sandwiches for that matter).
    Thanks. As a classic birthday princess I’m actually trying to keep it going as long as possible.
    I know, I know snork!
    Cheers! Getting on the good (cla)fout(is)
    I hope so too. I’m running out of Perth French restaurants. Mr Manners wore a grey suit with an orange shirt, no tie. Should have worn long sleeve but was surprised that was where I was going.

  31. Kate’s avatar

    May I add another happy birthday to the multitude of voices?

  32. Anthony’s avatar

    Sure you can Kate, thanks.

    As for the rest of you, you’ve got until midnight PDT or there’ll be consequences.

  33. Anthony’s avatar

    Sorry, yes trotters, not with snazzy red shoes like you though.

  34. chika’s avatar


    happy belated birthday anthony, nice to see you had a gorgeous day!

  35. Anonymous’s avatar

    Happy belated birthday Anthony… you look so young!


  36. Clement’s avatar

    Happy birthday Anthony – hope you had a great day.

    hmm.. it looks as though I’ve missed your deadline. I just hope the consequences are somehow food-related.

  37. Manas’s avatar

    Oh-Oh, Elvis lives on…

    Happy Birthday Spicy!

  38. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    What cool serving dishes. Remind me to look for some just like those. I could use those on to celebrate yakudoshi in a couple of years!

  39. Anthony’s avatar

    Arigatou Chika-san
    Futsukayoi not quite so gorgeous but ah well.
    Oh blush blush no no, do you think so?
    Thanks and welcome back to the world of blogging. The consequences will be curried sausage casserole related.
    Did he ever play Kumbaya? It may be more difficult than I imagined.
    They were a gift from anonymous-sensei. They may well ward of the evils of yakudoshi with some kabbalistic reinterpretations of the name of god such as trpay and yrtpa.

  40. Jeanne’s avatar

    Happy birthday Spicey!! May I just say that with that guitar in hand you do a great impression of “working man’s poet” William Bragg esquire… (and praise don’t come higher than that…)

    Had a glass of champagne in your honour in Paris on Saturday afternoon (see how I suffer for my friends??) – hope you had an ab fab day & many many more.

  41. Anthony’s avatar

    That’s me, giving voice to the poor and oppressed.

    Hope it was vintage.

  42. Ravvy’s avatar

    oooh… i can be comment 43..!!!!

    I dont know you but happy birthday anyway… my birthday was the 11th…yaaay for June bdays!!!!

    i came upon your blog via a friend of mine… you may know her…themerryrose… well i find you amusing and facinating to read…

    all that said… if you ever need a dull moment filled in, do drop by my blog… i like visitors, and i especially like comments to say ppl have dropped by… and im completely random… expect the completely unexpected…

    till next time…
    chow whoops…

  43. Anthony’s avatar


    Yes of course you may be number 43, and as lively a comment as I’ve seen around these parts.Happy birthday to you to and thanks for the kind words.

    A dull moment in Perth. pffffft I don’t think so.

  44. Avatar’s avatar

    Happy belated birthday to a fellow Gemini!

  45. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey cheers avatar

    and happy birthdays to you.

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