Dinner with friends in the bush last night so I found some scallops* in the shell and took them up with me. Half the shells I sprinkled some sake and a smidgen of salt over them and the other half I put some butter, some pepper** and a narrow strip of lemon rind for some placebic flavour. Cooked them under the griller for 3 minutes.

They’re better cooked from under on the BBQ, from the top tends to dry them out on the top too much without cooking them enough for most ( I like them raw best but anyway). The ones in the shell still had the orange roe on them which has a different taste altogether and not to everyone’s liking. The salt wasn’t needed as the shell and their cooking in their own juices imparts an oceany flavour.

*I used to assume, growing up in the country myself, that scallops, like all seafood had a skin of breadcrumbs which could be fried and eaten.

**Sarawak Black Pepper, if you can’t find this, ordinary pepper will suffice however blah blah blah….